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    IGT Interactive has launched its most recent online slot game “Monkey Prince” late last month. This launch put it on par with other software developers who have launched their share of slot games to garner the attention of online slots players. Monkey Prince is as grand as can be expected of a major game developer. Bow down to the Monkey Prince online slot Monkey Prince is based on the famous mythical figure Monkey King fromRead More

    Sticky Wilds used in Online Slots

    Posted on April 20, 2018
    Online slots are one of the most played online casino game types of all time. The spell-binding theme of the game impresses the players and makes them glued to it. Another crucial reason for choosing online slot games is because of the bonus features of the game that can be activated by the special symbols in online slots. This includes, sticky wilds, scatter symbols and so on. Sticky wilds and online slots The slot gamesRead More

    Enjoy Free Spin Frenzy on Starburst

    Posted on April 16, 2018
    Savour in your free April Sundays with the Free Spin Frenzy on Starburst Slots. Do not miss out on this opportunity to earn some whopping free spins offer of up to 100 free spins through this promotional offer. Starburst Slots is one of the most vibrant slot games in the arcade atmosphere. It has a combination of 5×10 reels system. Also, you will be required to meet the wagering requirement of 30x the betting amountRead More

    Multiplier Symbols in Online Slots

    Posted on April 13, 2018
    A common term that we often hear while playing online slots UK is multipliers. They play a major role in adding to your existing rewards and making the game more lucrative for you. So, what exactly are these multipliers? As a player, it is quite pertinent that you have a good idea about the different kinds of multipliers in the slot game and use them to the best effect possible. This way you can addRead More
    Live Casino UK games are the perfect blend of the land-based casino games and the online casino games. Live roulette games have a special spotlight among a lot of players all over the globe. After the inception of live casino games, the need to travel to a real casino to play casino games is eliminated. Players can choose to relax and cherish their beloved casino games along with the cosiness of their home. Live casinoRead More
    Players new to online Blackjack are often confused with terms used in the games. The many technical terms are hard to understand. At times, they sound like Greek and Latin! Lack of knowledge of basic terms can cost you a lot, literally. So, it is important to understand the terms well. Better understanding will help you strategize better. This might lead to more wins! One of the most commonly used terms in a casino isRead More
    The d’Alembert betting system has been named after a French Mathematician. It is based on the mathematical theory of equilibrium given by him. The theory works best in bets that have a near 50/50 outcome. So, it can be applied to Roulette! This article talks about how the strategy can be used while playing online Roulette. Other features and tips are also discussed. Read ahead to understand how you can use it to minimize yourRead More
    The Casino Hold’em game is a variation of original Texas hold’em Poker game. It is most likely the popular card game in the casino world. This card game is played with the dealer not with the other players, which makes the game less social, but it only increases the excitement and fun of the game. Just like every other game, Casino Hold’em has its own certain rules and strategies. Winning in the casino game andRead More

    The Basics of European Roulette

    Posted on March 26, 2018
    As a casino player, many of you must be aware of the two most popular forms of the Roulette games – American Roulette and European Roulette. Though these two have different formats, the only difference between these two is the zero. In American Roulette, you will see double zeroes, while in European Roulette, there’s only one zero on the Roulette wheel. You should know that due to the extra zero, American casino houses earn aRead More
    NetEnt has created some of the most entertaining and popular online slots in the gambling industry. The software company has been rated as one of the most successful developers of casino software and games. All the online slots published by the company can operate across the UK casino market. Why NetEnt slots? You can play some of your favourite slots at our UK online casino that has emerged as extremely enticing for players across allRead More