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  • Types of Online Slots Game Reel Symbols Explained

    Types of Online Slots Game Reel Symbols Explained

    Online slots are an alluring way to experience some fun and earn some good money. The popularity of online slots has risen tremendously in past few years. The availability and launches of innumerable such slot are the evident proof to it.

    Any slot game comprises of various symbols. These may be of different variety ranging from low payout symbols to the bonus symbols. These reel symbols, in fact, add the fun element to the slots. Generally, these symbols trigger the additional features offered by the slot games.

    Types of Online Slots Game Reel Symbols Explained

    Compiled below is the list of different kind of symbols explained, generally present in a UK online slot games that every player come across while playing:

    Standard Symbols

    There is a basic set of standard symbols in every slot game. They don’t have any additional use. They just award a winning payout on scoring a set of matching symbols in correct order. The standard reel symbols are designed according to the theme of the slot games. Many slots use fruit-based symbols such as cherries, grapes, melons, oranges act as the standard reel symbols. Many slots sport card symbols such as king, queen, jack or ace as the standard reel symbol.

    Scatter Symbols

    Scatter symbols are different than the standard reel symbols. While appearing on the screen, they award the player with winning payouts or trigger the additional bonus feature. The more the number of scatter symbol on the screen, the more is the winning payout. They also award with free spins and bonus features.

    Also, the appearance of scatter symbol is quite frequent. One can hope to get at least one scatter symbol every other spin. Hence, the chance of winning big is automatically boosted.

    Bonus Symbols

    These symbols are used to activate the bonus game in the slots. But they are different from the scatter symbol in the way that, a particular number of such symbols should appear in particular order to trigger the bonus game.

    The most basic way to activate bonus game can be the appearance of bonus symbols on at least three consecutive reels.  Most of the slots require the symbol to be present on the first reel. But some slots may require the symbol to be present on both first and fifth reel simultaneously.

    Sometimes, three reel slots have the necessity of just one bonus symbol to trigger the bonus game. The bonus game round raises the chances of winning big.

    The player at UK Casino should always read the rules and regulations regarding triggering the bonus game beforehand. It becomes quite necessary as the bonus feature is actually a very effective method to earn big.

    Wild Symbols

    The wild symbol has quite a lot of variants and it is probably the symbol with the most effective winning payout. The wild symbol is the replacement for all other symbols, other than the scatter symbol. This is achieved on scoring these symbols in a particular fashion. On scoring matching reel symbols, they result in extravagant prizes.

    Also, wild symbols are actually wild multiplier symbols. On achieving the desired combination of these symbols, the stake is boosted by a multiplier value. This, hence, ameliorates the chances of earning big.

    Wild symbols can be of different types such as soaring wild symbol, floating symbol, expanding wild symbol etc. There can also be a special type of wild symbol, which when appearing on a particular reel, convert the entire reel into the wild symbol. Automatically, the awards through them are boosted by leaps and bounds.

    To Sum it up

    Slot games have a long and colourful history and they are fascinating casino games of the gambling industry. Pick the best slots at Plush Casino from the various collection of popular online casino games we have on our store for you to have unlimited fun!

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    Name: Types of Online Slots Game Reel Symbols Explained

    Posted On: 14/08/2017

    Author: Alex Hamilton

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