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    Multiplier Symbols in Online Slots

    A common term that we often hear while playing online slots UK is multipliers. They play a major role in adding to your existing rewards and making the game more lucrative for you. So, what exactly are these multipliers? As a player, it is quite pertinent that you have a good idea about the different kinds of multipliers in the slot game and use them to the best effect possible. This way you can add quite a lot of money to your coffer and create wins at each level of the game. Getting the correct multiplier symbols online slots at the right time can go a long way in creating winning combinations from your game.

    In most cases, it is quite easy to identify the multipliers in online slots UK. They can be identified by a large X symbol next to the main symbol. Multipliers may range from X2 and can even go up to X1000. In some cases, they result in mammoth wins over the original bet amount. Moreover, the types of multipliers are based according to the plot, theme and gameplay options of the slot. While some have base multipliers, other game may come up with bonus multipliers.

    Multiplier Symbols in Online Slots

    Types of multipliers in online slots UK games

    Base Game Multipliers: These are basically part of the base game and may trigger bonus rounds. They are usually used to multiply the winning amount of the payline. For example, if you have five symbols together with a 5X multiplier, there is a chance to win 5 times of the usual payline.

    Bonus and free spin multipliers: They are mainly part of the bonus features in the online slots UK games. Based on the slots, they are provided to the player. Usually, the number of spins you select determines the number of multipliers you may get. For example, players may get a choice of 5, 10, 15, or 20 free spin multipliers, or a maximum of 20X multiplier in the form of a bonus feature.

    Wild multipliers: These are mainly triggered if you land a wild symbol on the reels of the online slots UK you are playing. For example, if a player has four matching symbols and a wild symbol, he or she will be paid according to the five matching symbols, with wild acting as the multiplier win.

    Bet/Win multipliers: These multipliers are used to add to the line bet, while some may be used to add to the total bet. Players may use this option to increase the stake across all the paylines. One of the better ways to determine this is to check the pay table. In most cases, there is a button on the home screen that opens a new window where you can get an idea of the different winning combinations.

    If you are looking to play different kinds of online slots UK games that come with different multipliers, then Plush Casino is the right place to be. It is one of the premier online casino sites that is very popular on the gambling circuit to offer a varied number of themes on online slots.

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    Name: Multiplier Symbols in Online Slots

    Posted On: 13/04/2018

    Author: Alex Hamilton

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