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  • A Guide to the Different Types of Live Roulette UK

    A Guide to the Different Types of Live Roulette UK

    Live Casino UK games are the perfect blend of the land-based casino games and the online casino games. Live roulette games have a special spotlight among a lot of players all over the globe. After the inception of live casino games, the need to travel to a real casino to play casino games is eliminated. Players can choose to relax and cherish their beloved casino games along with the cosiness of their home. Live casino games at online casino became the wellspring for multiple variants of Live Roulette UK games, Blackjack games and other classic casino games.

    A Guide to the Different Types of Live Roulette UK

    European Live Roulette

    European Roulette is the popular version of the roulette game and European Roulette game follows the same rules. It has a number from one to thirty-six along with a zero. This famous version of roulette has an RTP of 97.3%.

    American Live Roulette

    American Roulette is the next popular version of roulette game and American Live Roulette game follows the same rules. It has numbers from one to thirty-six along with two zeros. It also has an RTP of 94.74% which is slightly less than European Roulette.

    French Live Roulette

    French Live Roulette and European Roulette share some similarities and the main difference is that French Roulette has a different table layout. Another notable difference is the La Partage rule and this is the major reason for the game to have an RTP of 98.5%.

    Live Double Ball Roulette

    Live Double Ball Roulette game as the name suggests has two roulette balls and therefore the basic rules of the game are altered. Two balls are sent spinning on the roulette wheel and the conditions for winning and betting change from game to game.

    Slingshot/Auto Roulette

    Slingshot roulette is same as the live roulette but without the dealer. Generally, the gameplay of Slingshot Roulette is faster and the time interval between one round and the other is also less.

    Double Wheel Roulette

    As the name suggests this game has two wheels and both the wheels are placed side by side. In most cases, the rules and the layout of American Roulette game are used but the payout ratios may vary.

    Live Roulette with Side Bets

    Live Roulette UK games sometimes have side bets or fuse with slot games and grants extra excitement to the players. However, most games offer the player to have the option to opt in or opt out of the side bet games.

    Live Roulette with Progressive Jackpot

    Live Roulette with progressive jackpot games can help the player to win big as the winning amount of the games increased by 1% of every bet placed during the gameplay.

    Most of the live roulette games display hot and cold number and some of the games allow the players to place bets on the hot and cold number directly. Players can find a plenty live casino games including the immersive live roulette, speed roulette and many other games on Plush Casino. Players should always indulge in responsible gambling and should play legally.

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    Name: A Guide to the Different Types of Live Roulette UK

    Posted On: 09/04/2018

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    5/5 - (1 vote)