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  • An Introduction to the d'Alembert Online Roulette System

    An Introduction to the d’Alembert Online Roulette System

    The d’Alembert betting system has been named after a French Mathematician. It is based on the mathematical theory of equilibrium given by him. The theory works best in bets that have a near 50/50 outcome. So, it can be applied to Roulette! This article talks about how the strategy can be used while playing online Roulette. Other features and tips are also discussed. Read ahead to understand how you can use it to minimize your losses!


    An Introduction to the d'Alembert Online Roulette System

    How to use the strategy in Roulette?

    The betting strategy is quite simple. After a loss, a unit is to be added to the next bet. After a win, 1 unit will be reduced from the next bet. This strategy minimizes losses and is thus popular among players.

    Advantages of the system

    This strategy is one of the safest among all betting systems. The relatively low bankroll to start the game is also an advantage. There is no danger of brushing up against casino limits. This is also a positive feature of the strategy.

    Not everything is perfect!

    The winnings using this strategy are low. But since it is a low-risk system, this is expected. Another problem is that players may sometimes go on a losing streak. This can cause lots of losses!

    Reversing the D’Alembert System

    Like most systems, there is a reverse strategy here too. The player increases the bet by one unit after a win and decreases it after a loss. The results depend on the number of wins in the system.

    The most important thing is to decide on the denomination which you will be using after each turn. Once that is finalized, be sure to remain with that figure and not change it!

    Final thoughts – to use or not to use for Roulette?

    There have been mixed experiences with the strategy. It is also one of the safest strategies out there. But many people have also got stuck in losing streaks. Players tend to believe that the system will get back in their favour. And so, they continue to play. Problems with the system are often overlooked. Know ins and out of online Roulette before placing the bets.

    Another problem arises when using the strategy for Roulette. A long losing streak may cause the player to hit the table limit. When this happens, the bet cannot be raised further and so the system cannot work properly. The strategy is based on the gambler’s fallacy. It says that players are more likely to win after a loss and vice versa. Join our UK casino and try your luck on our Roulette table now!

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    Name: An Introduction to the d’Alembert Online Roulette System

    Posted On: 02/04/2018

    Author: Alex Hamilton

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