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  • Why Only Deposit £30 A Day With Boku? — Pay by Mobile Limits Explained

    Why Only Deposit £30 A Day With Boku? — Pay by Mobile Limits Explained

    Boku is an ideal way of funding your online casino account as it is free to use, offer convenience and processes the transactions quickly. There are certain limitations as well associated with the use of Boku. If you have decided to go ahead using Boku – pay by mobile payment option, then it is quite obvious that you would have read several guides to know more about the services for online casino payments. You would have as well weighed the pros of using this method if you want to use pay by mobile method.

    Many casino players do not love that there is a deposit limit of £30 per day imposed on the transactions with Boku. This would not bother the casual players. However, high rollers would not be able to appreciate the restriction on using pay by mobile method. Once the limit has been reached, then the players would not be able to fund their account until the next day. Although this limit may infuriate many, it has been imposed to ensure that the service is operational and protects the players against any harm.

    Why Only Deposit £30 A Day With Boku? — Pay by Mobile Limits Explained

    Boku protects you when you use pay by mobile method!

    The reason why deposit limit exists in Boku is that it prevents players from overindulging when they choose to pay by mobile. It is essential to have control while indulging in online casino games like online Slots, Table games and much more. Whenever you make a deposit with Boku, you are actually lending some money from your mobile operator. You do not pay anything unless your cell phone bill arrives at the end of the month. This implies that deposits made with Boku are more of a loan. Financial institutions never offer loans without carrying out a background check. This is the reason why Boku has imposed a daily deposit limit which is for benefiting the players. The limit ensures that the loan that one owes to phone operators remains manageable.

    Continuous service operation when you pay by mobile

    Boku protects you from overspending by imposing a deposit limit when you pay by mobile. However, they need to protect themselves as well as they are partnering with the mobile phone network providers. They have to assure them that their money would be returned back to them by the end of the month. Hence it is necessary to keep the amount borrowed manageable for the people to return. If there was no limit, then the phone networks would have been left with no choice but to support the customers who were financially trustworthy. Lending £930 per month per player is not something not to bother about.

    Will Boku ever raise the bar?

    It seems unlikely that Boku will ever consider raising the limits due to above-mentioned reasons. However, the value may change owing to inflation. Services offered by Boku are efficient and quick. There are no individual limits and credit checks slowing down the system as you use pay by mobile method. This is the reason why most of the players prefer Boku as their payment option to deposit at their favourite online casinos. Although there are several deposit methods that can offer pounds in the bank account, they require several verification processes in order to become eligible. Boku, on the other hand, has simplified the process for those who need to make quick deposits with no questions asked.

    You can see Boku brand available at Plush Casino as one of the pay by mobile payment service available. It simply means that phone bill payments are accepted at our online and mobile casino. Plush casino players can also make use of various credit cards followed by some safety tips, Maestro card and other online payment methods as well. So dive into the sea of online casino games and get amazing offers covered!

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    Name: Why Only Deposit £30 A Day With Boku? — Pay by Mobile Limits Explained

    Posted On: 11/09/2017

    Author: Alex Hamilton

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