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  • Types and Benefits of Wild Symbols in Online Slots

    Types and Benefits of Wild Symbols in Online Slots

    Wild symbols have been present in the online slots game for as long as slots game themselves. They are the ones which make the game more interesting and will also save your game in times of need. Wild symbols are known to form combinations which will make you win galore. Wilds are based on interesting themes and are quite relatable. There are a number of other benefits that Wild symbols deliver when playing online slots at our UK online casino.

    Types and Benefits of Wild Symbols in Online Slots

    Basic Wild Symbols in online slots

    As you might be aware that the Wild Symbols act as a substitute for all the symbols in the game. The wild symbol can be used for all the symbols except the special symbols including the scatter symbols. Various bonus rounds are triggered when these wilds appear. There is the paytable on the home screen of the slots which will give you an idea about the exact functions of the Wild symbol.

    Multiplying Wilds

    The Multiplier is the most common function of a wild symbol in online slots. Every win gets boosted by x2 or x3 when landing a multiplying wild. More than one wild symbol is also offered by some online casino games. These wilds help in making good winning combinations.

    Stacked, Grouped and Expanding Wilds

    These 3 types of wilds have one common thing with all of them. On the reel, they occupy more than one position.

    • The stacked wilds pile on each other and they seem as individual Wilds. The entire reel is filled up and the chances to win are enhanced. In the Game of Thrones slots by Microgaming, the help is done during the base game.
    • Sometimes, wild symbols appear in groups. These may be 2×2 or 3×3 wilds. Sometimes a grouped wild can cover up to 5 spaces on the reel.
    • The expanding wild will appear in the form of a single icon and will eventually spread. While spreading, they tend to occupy positions on the reel. The result is the same as that of a stacked wild symbol.

    Other Wilds

    There are duplicating wild symbols also in certain games. These transfer regular symbols into one of their own. In certain online slots, the duplicating wild symbol can make a trail of wild symbols. This will boost your chances of winning when playing online slots.

    Sometimes, the game developers add random wilds that appear anytime during the game. These can be used when using the free spins feature or otherwise as well. Also, these wild symbols can be used to convert other wilds into stacked or grouped or expanding wilds.
    Sometimes, wilds will expand horizontally or vertically to cover up space on the reels. This means higher chances of winning. For example, NetEnt’s The Invisible Man has Colliding Wilds. There is a Police Wild Symbol and a Griffin Wild Symbol. When the 2 will come together, the free spins feature will be triggered.

    Now, you might be well aware as to what kinds of Wilds exist when you play online slots. These can be grouped, stacked, expanding, duplicating, replicating or colliding. Each of them has its own benefits to aid you to make exciting winning combinations.

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    Name: Types and Benefits of Wild Symbols in Online Slots

    Posted On: 27/12/2017

    Author: Alex Hamilton

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