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  • A Beginners Guide to Casino Hold‘em - Rules, Strategy & Tips

    A Beginners Guide to Casino Hold‘em – Rules, Strategy & Tips

    The Casino Hold’em game is a variation of original Texas hold’em Poker game. It is most likely the popular card game in the casino world. This card game is played with the dealer not with the other players, which makes the game less social, but it only increases the excitement and fun of the game. Just like every other game, Casino Hold’em has its own certain rules and strategies. Winning in the casino game and how much you win totally depends on the strategies you pull in the game as much as your luck. So, let’s see the rules and the strategies for playing this game.

    A Beginners Guide to Casino Hold‘em - Rules, Strategy & Tips

    Rules to Play Casino hold’em

    Start the game online at our online casino, the very first thing you must do is place the wager on ANTE and click on the DEAL button. After you place your bet, two face-down (hole) cards appear for you to deal with as a player, and three face-up cards appear in the middle of the table. These cards are known as the flop.

    This is your turn to either choose to FOLD or CALL.

    After that, two more community cards will be dealt in the middle of the table, and the dealer then will reveal their hand. Both you and the dealer must make the best hands with the two holes and five community cards. If you make the better hand than the dealer, you win the game. To play further, the dealer must have to qualify, and for that, they must have a hand, which is equal to or better than the pair of fours.

    Strategies to make wins

    Casino Hold’em is very different than the regular poker games. Hence many of the strategies poker players apply in regular poker, don’t work while playing this Poker. While playing the game, a player has a very limited strategy. As a player, you need to understand which hand you should play, and which will be best to fold. This game is played against the dealer hence it seals the chance to bluff or having more chips than your opponent.

    The basic strategy is to call, then go for the flop and then for the river. Although it won’t work if you have the worst hand. So, you should think if the basic strategy would be ideal to apply based on your poker hands.

    Tips and tricks to play Casino Hold’em

    As a poker player, many of you would know that the Martingale system is commonly used as a betting system in many casino games. The logic behind the Martingale is very simple, you just must bet on the money you won in the game, and not on the money you came with.

    • If you lose a hand, bet the amount you lost for the next round.
    • If you’re winning a hand, raise the amount by only one chip.
    • Start the next round with the money you’ve won in the last round.

    Play the exciting game of Casino Hold’em at Plush Casino to have a great experience playing this version of Poker.

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    Name: A Beginners Guide to Casino Hold‘em – Rules, Strategy & Tips

    Posted On: 30/03/2018

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    3.5/5 - (2 votes)