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  • The House Edge in Online Blackjack Explained

    The House Edge in Online Blackjack Explained

    Players new to online Blackjack are often confused with terms used in the games. The many technical terms are hard to understand. At times, they sound like Greek and Latin! Lack of knowledge of basic terms can cost you a lot, literally. So, it is important to understand the terms well. Better understanding will help you strategize better. This might lead to more wins! One of the most commonly used terms in a casino is house edge. Regular players would have heard of this term. They would also know that the house edge is low for online Blackjack. But what is house edge? And how does that make Blackjack a better game to play than most others?

    The House Edge in Online Blackjack Explained

    What is House edge in online Blackjack?

    House edge is a legal built-in feature in the UK online casinos. It is basically the percentage of the player’s bet that the casino keeps. Without this, the game would run out of business!

    Positive and Negative House edge

    In some rare cases, you can have a positive expectation. You can expect to win back more than your bet. But this is possible only if the game is played optimally. However, usually, the average player can expect to lose money.

    More strategy, Lower house edge when you play online Blackjack

    House edge is generally lower if more strategy is needed in the game. That means you get to earn more if it’s a more complex game! Casino games like Blackjack and Poker fall in this category.

    How to play according to the house edge

    The natural question that arises is –how to beat the house edge. The fact is that the advantage that the casino has does not apply to everyone all the time. It is a game of chance, after all. And Anyhow there aren’t many players can do other than strategizing and setting the bet and the expected risk.

    Bet more to get lower house edge

    Casinos often have a lower house edge for those who make big bets. Casinos want to lure these ‘premium players’. Their bets can wipe off the profits of many players with low bets! So, it is a profit for the casinos.

    Find out the house edge on your game of online Blackjack

    Blackjack house edge calculators are found online. Here players can input various factors to find the house edge they are facing in a game. The calculators give realistic results which are very helpful.

    So, now that you have understood the concept, start using it to optimize your games. Online Blackjack has a lower house edge, as mentioned. Learn the tricks of the game and strategize well. This can get the outcome in your favour. The game will have the odds in your favour then! However, games like online slots, Baccarat and Roulette do not require much strategy. And so, the odds are lower here. Join us and play now!

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    Name: The House Edge in Online Blackjack Explained

    Posted On: 06/04/2018

    Author: Alex Hamilton

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