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  • Online Slots Guide – Understanding Slot Game Variance

    Online Slots Guide – Understanding Slot Game Variance

    Have you ever played a slot game that only kept draining your casino account balance with not even a single spin generating a decent payout? Because those are high variance slot games designed for players with nerves of steel and most importantly, a generous bankroll. Variance is a term you often see popping up on slot reviews.

    Understanding a slot machine’s variance and how it is structured to pay out will help players finding online slots that suit their style of play. Here, Plush Casino describes the importance of knowing mobile slot game variance –

    Slot game variance is of three types – Low Variance, Mid Variance, and High Variance. What variance suits you is determined by your willingness to risk and the backup of the bankroll to support you through the risk.

    Online Slots Guide – Understanding Slot Game Variance

    Low Variance Online Slots for the cautious Low Rollers

    Low Variance slots are ideal for players with a limited bankroll. These are designed with modest jackpots, but the low amount of risk associated with these online slots make up for the low rewards. The frequent low valued payouts on winning paylines take out the element of risk. These regular payouts compensate for the outflow of your bankroll on bets placed to a great extent.

    For newbies starting out with bonus deposits, low variance slots will be the best bet to cash out with the regular paying spins. These low-risk slots are ideal for those marathon slot sessions where you can play for hours without worrying about draining away your bankroll.

    Mid Variance Online Slots for those eyeing the Bigger Jackpots

    For players who don’t find low variance slots rewarding enough, mid variance slots offer the bigger jackpots and better payouts you expect. But these slots aren’t risk-free like the low variance ones. Most online slots featured in online and the UK mobile casinos are structured to be medium risk, mid variance slots. These slots have bonus features and bonus games that award both low and high cash amounts.

    If you are ready to gamble with an element of risk in return for decent payouts, mid variance slots will suit you the best. However, one cannot find as many low valued winnings as you would on low variance slot games; hence mid variance slots require a better bankroll to take you through the dry spins.

    High Variance Slots for those who want to push the Boundaries

    If you are one of those thrill seeking players who turn to online gambling for your fill of adrenaline rush, high variance slots are the stuff of your dreams. These online slots involve a high level of risk and even higher amounts of mega jackpots guaranteed to get you high with excitement.

    The jackpot amounts run into huge figures with features like wild multipliers involved in a winning payline. Bonus rounds like the pick to win games that can be re-triggered a number of times have the potential to generate mammoth payouts. To take you through these irregular but huge payouts, high variance online slots require a generous bankroll.

    Analysing factors like pay tables, paylines and understanding the slot game reels can give players an idea about the variance of the game and if it is ideal for them. Hope this post will help you in picking the slot game online that suits you best. What are you waiting for? Join Plush Casino today and enjoy the huge collection of slot games and other casino games on the go!

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    Name: Online Slots Guide – Understanding Slot Game Variance

    Posted On: 18/08/2017

    Author: Alex Hamilton

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