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  • Mobile Casino vs Desktop Casino

    Mobile Casino vs Desktop Casino

    The debate over which mobile casino and desktop casino should have the best claim on our affection shows no sign of ending anytime soon. And with smartphones becoming ever slimmer and better in all parameters, while their desk-bound counterparts grow ever beefier if more powerful, such wrangling is bound to assume an all-new dimension.

    While playing on desktop and mobile have their pros and cons, due to various reasons neither is as yet capable of trumping the other. Still, here are a few differences between the antagonistic duo that will let players everywhere decide just which medium of gameplay is best for them.

    Mobile Casino vs Desktop Casino

    Both Look and Feel Differently

    Novices to mobile slots are forgiven for being confused and or dismayed when they register on an online casino via their desktop and log in later in the day with their smartphone. This is because what is shown on a desktop is by many orders of magnitude superior to what can be packed into the small screen of smartphones. As a rule of thumb, desktops offer a more immersive experience and can often have a frightful amount of eye-candy layered on.

    Desktops are more distracting

    This statement might be controversial but does seem to be true. The fact remains that by playing on desktops, players are exposed to far more distractions due to the way desktop sites are organized. Players can thus log in to play a particular game, only to instead discover hours later that they have been browsing and trying all the different games on offer.
    This issue is largely eliminated with smartphone gaming, due to the small screen size permitting only a simple interface and minimal ads.

    Desktop Casinos are overloaded with games

    Due to the present state of tech mobile casinos are limited in the variety and quality of the games they can handle. This is however totally not an issue with desktop casinos, as they can be loaded with as many games as players care to. And all without gamers having to worry about things like poor load times, device overheating, crashing apps and the like.

    Mobile casinos have SMS billing

    SMS billing enables players to link their mobile casino accounts to their phone bill, with all bills being paid at the month’s end. This very convenient and stress-free feature is presently lacking on desktop-focused casinos and help makes mobile casinos superior in the convenience department.

    Desktop Casinos boast wider banking options

    With desktop casinos, users can pay via E-wallets, direct debits, prepaid cards, debit and credit cards and even cryptocurrency. There is indeed a wide and ever-expanding list of options and to cap it off, desktop casinos are more suitable for high rollers due to the expansive withdrawal/deposit limits on offer. These lets players either deposit or withdraw money in the hundreds of thousands, while most mobile casinos only let users withdraw or deposit far smaller amounts, and isn’t the case of all, however.

    Smartphone gaming is convenient and discreet

    Smartphone users can easily log into their preferred mobile casino and play all they like and as long as they wish with no one being the wiser. The game sounds can even be muted, and the screen hidden for maximum privacy. All these are not however possible on desktops and laptops, as these devices are normally too large for discreet gameplay activities.

    Special Features

    Due to bigger screen space, beefier hardware and software, as well as faster internet speeds, desktop casinos have the edge in adding special features to their creation. To compete, online casinos are going the 3D route, while mobile casinos are trying to tap into the HD movement.


    If you have read through the entire article you will quickly find that both mobile casinos and their desktop casinos have their own peculiar advantages and disadvantages. In the end, just like with mobile slots, the choice between the two comes down to individual preference. Thus, if you are looking for something you can take anywhere, and play anytime, then the mobile casino should suit you just fine.

    On the other hand, high rollers and serious gamblers would be advised to stick to desktop casinos, with their varied array of options and lush eye-candy. Whichever option is chosen, be sure to live large while playing like a boss on the different mobile slots on offer!

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    Name: Mobile Casino vs Desktop Casino

    Posted On: 03/08/2018

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    5/5 - (1 vote)