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    Tips for Playing High Variance UK Online Slots

    With the rise of several developers and casinos, there is no shortage of great slot games. The creativity in the theme of the slot games, the graphics and the sound effects of some of the top UK online slots game are simply outstanding. There is always a demand for high variance slots as the excitement and the chance to get big wins are considerably high.

    Tips for Playing High Variance UK Online Slots

    What is a high variance slot?

    Most of the slot players get confused about RTP and the importance variance of the UK online slots. For example, a slot game with 96% RTP might have the same variance as a slot game that has 92% RTP. Variance gives information about how the slot game pays the player. A low variance slot might give more frequent small wins and a high variance slot might give rare big wins.

    Should high variance slots be preferred?

    It is up to the player whether to decide between high variance or low variance UK online slots. The advantage of playing high variance slot games is that the chances of getting big wins are more. Also, high variance slots are mostly played by high rollers. Some of the tips for playing high variance slot games are listed below:

    Balancing the bet size

    It is often advised to place minimum bets in almost all the cases except if maximum bet is required to qualify for the jackpot. This is a great procedure especially if the player is playing a new game as he might know how the game pays.

    Gamble feature

    Gamble feature can be seen in a lot of slot games and most of the high variance slot players are double-minded when they are provided with an opportunity to use one. It is okay to try the gamble feature for a few times.

    Get ready for dry spins

    Sometimes playing a high variance slot game might result in several consecutive dry spins. During times like this, players might lose hope of winning and stop playing. Also, some players run out of funds when they get small or no wins for an extended time.

    To continue or not to continue

    If the player gets a massive win then the next big question is to continue playing or not. The general advice is to play only based on your bankroll. Due to the excitement of the previous wins, players might bet blindly. Therefore, it is a general advice for the player not to continue playing for some time. Always play responsibly.

    The Best Casino to Play High Variance Slots Online

    Plush Casino is one of the online casinos that has a humongous collection of the UK online slots games and other casino games along with some of the most impressive casino offers. Players can access the casino on their smartphones and tablet devices and can enjoy their favourite games on the move. The casino is also secured with the latest encryption technologies; therefore, players don’t have to worry about the depositing their money at the casino.

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    Name: Tips for Playing High Variance UK Online Slots

    Posted On: 11/06/2018

    Author: Alex Hamilton

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