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    Online Roulette

    Playing a round of roulette provides one of the easiest ways to enjoy a simple game of chance at the casino; with gameplay that’s wonderfully easy to learn, and a betting system that provides for plenty of player choice. It also makes use of strategies that avoid pattern-reading or card counting, and instead focuses more on game theory and probability.

    All these, coupled with the visual flair and sense of kinetic energy of the roulette wheel, makes online roulette easily one of the most entertaining UK online casino games!

    Now, with Plush Casino’s online roulette, UK based players don’t have to go out of their way to play this iconic game. We offer the most stylish and most popular online roulette UK games on offer for both desktop and mobile users to enjoy wherever they are.

    Each of our games features amazing high-definition graphics and sound that will truly immerse you in the casino atmosphere. New players also get a big welcome bonus to help you get started!

    When choosing a place to gamble, online UK casino sites that are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission should be on top of your list. With its own gambling licence in the UK, our online casino offers safe gambling, the assurance of data privacy, and a reliant team of customer service professionals to help you play responsibly.

    How To Play Online Roulette

    The rules of roulette are very simple, and it’s that simplicity that makes up a sizable part of its charm. The game is centred on the roulette wheel, which is lined with numbers from 1-36, along with zero (or two zeroes for American roulette), and features alternating red and black colours for each number.

    At the onset of the game, all players start by placing their bets on the roulette table, which is composed of three columns of numbers representing what’s on the wheel, and slots which indicate specific ranges of numbers. To indicate their bets, they place their chips on or around the slots for numbers or number ranges.

    After all bets are placed, the dealer spins the roulette wheel, and as soon as it’s gotten up to speed, the ball is tossed in. As the wheel slows down and the ball lands on a single number, the bets are tallied and the winners get their payouts, depending on the bets they placed.

    There are several types of roulette bets, which can be categorized into two main categories.

    Inside Bets

    These are bets that are placed on individual numbers or sets of numbers on the roulette wheel. These include but aren\\\\\\\'t limited to the following.

    • Straight bets are placed on individual numbers.
    • Split bets are placed on numbers that are adjacent on the betting table.
    • Street bets are placed on three consecutive numbers along one horizontal line.
    • Corner bets are placed on the corner formed by four numbers.
    • Trio bets are placed on three numbers, which must include a zero number.
    • Six Line bets are placed on six consecutive numbers along two horizontal lines.
    • Basket bets are placed on 0, 1, 2, and 3, or 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3 for American roulette.

    Outside bets

    These are bets that are placed on sectors rather than numbers.

    • Low or High bets are placed on whether the ball will land on the lower half (1-18) or higher half (19-36) of the list of numbers.
    • Red or Black bets are placed on whether the ball will land on a number in a red sector or a black sector.
    • Odd or Even bets are placed on whether the ball will land on an odd or even number.
    • Dozens bets are placed on whether the ball will land in one of the three dozen ranges on the roulette wheel: 1-12, 13-24, 25-36.
    • Columns bets are placed on the layout of the roulette table - which of the three columns the ball will land on.

    Outside bets are lost if the ball lands on a zero, except for certain special rules that are found in European roulette known as “la partage” and “en prison,” which only apply to bets with even winnings such as Odd or Even, Low or High, and Red or Black.

    In La partage, if the ball lands on a zero, then the dealer takes all the bets, divides them in half, and takes one for the house and gives the other half to the player.

    In En prison, if the ball lands on a zero, nothing happens at first, but the croupier marks the bet as en prison. On the next spin, if the player wins, he gets his original bet back in full. Otherwise, he loses his bet.


    Given that each bet type covers a differently-sized piece of the roulette pie, they each have their own odds and payouts. Here’s a list of some of the most important ones.

    Bet Type Payout Odds - European Odds - American
    Straight 35:1 2.7% 2.63%
    Split 17:1 5.41% 5.26%
    Street 11:1 8.11% 7.89%
    Trio 11:1 8.1% N/A
    Corner 8:1 10.81% 10.53%
    Basket 6:1 N/A 13.16%
    Six Line 5:1 16.2% 15.79%
    Dozens 2:1 32.4% 31.58%
    Columns 2:1 32.4% 31.58%
    Low or High 1:1 48.64% 46.37%
    Red or Black 1:1 48.64% 46.37%
    Odd or Even 1:1 48.64% 46.37%

    As with any game, it’s also important to know the kinds of returns you can expect from roulette before you start betting in. The general term for this is “RTP” or return to player, and it refers to how much you can statistically expect to get back from a game. RTP might not be achieved until after several dozen or even hundred rounds of playing the game, but it represents a good rule of thumb to live by.

    For most roulette games, the RTP is around 2.7%.

    Online Roulette Games At Plush Casino

    Plush Casino offers a wide range of roulette games, courtesy of top UK online roulette game providers such as NetEnt. We have all the popular variations of roulette, including American roulette, French roulette, and European roulette. We also have variants like lightning and double ball roulette to add a unique twist to the classic gameplay. We even have live roulette games if you want to work with a real roulette table!

    History Of Roulette

    The word “roulette” means “little wheel” in French, and this points right to its origins in a wheel-based game that was played over two centuries ago in Paris. Its first mentioned appearance was in 1796 in the novel La Roulette, ou le Jour by Jaques Lablee, in which a roulette game was described in the Palais Royal that featured two house pockets for the house edge.

    The game would spread throughout Europe and slowly approach its modern form. In 1843, Francois and Louis Blanc of Monte Carlo fame introduced the single-zero roulette to Bad Homburg in Germany.

    When the game was introduced to America by Louisiana settlers, the single and double-zero pockets became favoured by American roulette wheels due to the greater house edge compared to single-zero roulette. This eventually led to modern American roulette and its zero and double-zero slots.

    As online gambling began its ascent to prominence in the mid-90s, roulette’s simple gameplay mechanics made it one of the best choices for online casino games. Online roulette UK is particularly popular thanks to the well-defined gambling laws that make it safe for punters to play.

    How Online Roulette Works

    In real life roulette, the fairness and randomness of roulette gameplay come from unpredictable variables like roulette wheel speed and angle and force of the ball toss. These are computationally difficult to model and simulate, so online casino roulette games instead use random-number generators to determine where the ball will land. The spinning virtual roulette wheel you see is just an animation that makes the game fun to watch and play, but in reality, the outcome is determined the moment you push the spin button.

    Most random-number generators use algorithms that create random numbers from a “seed” number. In theory, these are statistically random numbers that show no inherent bias towards any particular number or range of numbers.

    Of course, because the RNGs are invisible to players, they may be subject to some distrust and scrutiny. There’s always the worry that an online roulette game may be fudging the numbers to get a bigger house edge. That’s why it’s important that when you’re deciding whether or not to use a casino site in the UK, that the online roulette games in its catalogue should be audited by independent authorities to determine whether they’re truly fair and random.

    Common Roulette Strategies

    In roulette, you can’t change the odds of individual wins and bets, but you can adopt strategies that help improve your chances overall.

    Two of the most popular strategies in Roulette are the Martingale and the D’Alembert, and most people who are playing roulette with an intent to go the distance are probably using these.

    In the Martingale system, the bet you place should have a 50% chance of winning, such as a Red/Black or Even/Odd. Every time you lose, make the same bet but double your wager. Keep doing this until you win. As soon as you win, reset your bet and start from the beginning.

    The Martingale system is simple but can be risky as your wager grows. An alternative is the D’Alembert system, which is safer and easier to employ. Choose a single outside bet and keep playing it at the same wager until you lose. Any time you lose, increase your bet by a single chip. When you win, decrease your bet by one chip. Continue this cycle until you’ve made your way back to your original bet. The result is almost always a profit.

    These strategies don’t rely on other players or exploiting a quirk of the wheel, so they’re just as useful in playing roulette online as they are in real life.