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  • Experience the Thrill of Live Blackjack UK at Plush Casino

    There is no fun perhaps than playing some Live casino games. It takes you back to the good old days when you played against opponents in a real-life gambling parlour. So, it is time for you to try some cool Live Blackjack UK games at our casino. Although virtual, you will have the same thrill, excitement as you have in an offline casino. Moreover, the prize money involved is also quite rewarding. Newcomers who wish to experience the thrill of live gambling can play some exciting live version Blackjack games at our online casino.

    With lots of games spread across the online gambling circuit today, it may get a bit difficult to choose the right Live Blackjack UK games. There are certain factors that you need keep in mind while choosing the right online Blackjack games. Some of them are the payout percentage, the gameplay options and other aspects of promotions and bonuses. With mobile casino games in prominence nowadays, we have mobile versions of Live casino games as well. This enables you to play Live casino UK on your mobile devices. All these games have excellent gaming platforms to ensure that there is no hitch or interruptions.

    Based on the ratings and popularity, the following are three Live Blackjack UK games that you can choose to play. They have an excellent interface, gaming controls, and a significant payout percentage.

    Some Popular Live Blackjack Games that you can Choose to Play

    Live Blackjack 2

    It ranks among the popular Live casino UK games in town. The game has been developed by Net Entertainment and can be currently played in the UK and some European nations. Each level of this game has winning combos for you to win. There are 7 seats with a combination of 6 decks of cards. There is a house edge of around 0.44%, and you can double the betting amount or spilt.

    Live Blackjack Standard High Roller

    This is another among the online blackjack games. The rules are same as conventional blackjack with very few variations. In the Live Blackjack UK version, you can see the dealer live. There is a live chat that allows you to interact with other players and opponents. The game is developed by Net Entertainment and strives to recreate the thrill of gambling in a real-life casino. A player needs to make a minimum of one bet in 3 rounds. In case you bet an amount that is below the minimum requirement, the dealer has the right to reject your bet.

    Live Blackjack Standard

    This again is a product of Net Entertainment. Live Blackjack UK game is played with 6 decks of cards and has standard 7 seats. It does not have the maximum limit of player, with a house edge of around 0.44%. You can adjust your bet amount (double or split it) from the Double and Split options in the interface. As it is a mobile casino game, you can play it on your smartphones or tablets as well. With an RTP percentage of around 96%, it is quite a lucrative gambling option.