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  • Online Casino Payment– Is Pay by Phone Bill Killing Other Methods?

    Online Casino Payment– Is Pay by Phone Bill Killing Other Methods?

    With e-commerce and m-commerce on a rise, paying with a click on the phone is fancy and practical. And casinos have gone one step ahead with this model by allowing users to pay using their phone bill. And you can find the number of pay by mobile users on the rise. But how does it compare to other modes?

    Online Casino Payment– Is Pay by Phone Bill Killing Other Methods?

    Is the Pay by Mobile Advantage Real?

    If you are playing casino games anyway from your phone, then why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone and use pay by phone bill casino payment method. This means you can also keep better track of your money spent as you play as players can set daily limits on mobile, which is particularly good for players of you who can get carried away while playing and need a budget to stick to. Plush Casino will help you get the complete information on the topic.

    • The Definite Pro

    Firstly, the pay by mobile is the easiest and the most convenient method that takes just a couple of easy steps to complete a transaction. You do not have to use your credit card, debit card or online banking to make a deposit using this method. The main advantage for the players here is the ability to deposit funds and add that as a credit on their next bill. So even if a player has run out of credit card limit or money in the bank, the player can still use this method to make the deposit.

    • The Tiny Con

    There are a couple of flaws in this method but it does not affect the player much. One thing is you can only make a deposit but you can’t withdraw the winnings using the same method. You will have to withdraw to your bank account or any other means the casino provides. There is also a daily maximum limit that is up to £30 a day. So high rollers may not find this method a friendly one but cover the majority whose daily wagering limit suffices the limit of pay by mobile.

    • A Humble Beginning

    As of now, pay by mobile method has been found really useful for all casino players with the rise of mobile gambling. That does not really make it a market leader over the other methods that are widely accepted. It is only a beginning and making its way in the market. There are many companies striving to employ this method for various transactions and services. But since there is a daily max limit set, it is hard to dominate the market at this stage. That said, increasing the limits will prove risky to both users as well as mobile service providers. With the rise in limits, there could be scope for abuse and misuse. Maybe with further developments and advanced security features, this method can be widely used in future.

    • Pay by Mobile Co-exists

    No matter how unique a payment system can be, there will always be users who will not be comfortable with it. Not everyone prefers to pay using mobile method for making deposits. Hence casinos offer other options such as credit card, debit card, e-wallets, wire transfer, etc. These methods already have proven safe and secured even for high-value transactions. And casinos will still want these methods available for users due to various benefits. And mobile bill payment can only be an added advantage both to users and online casinos.

    Keep a Stack of Options

    Though paying by phone is a new and fairly convenient method, it can only be one of the options and cannot replace others. So embrace it for its advantages and let it co-exist in your preferred payment methods at UK mobile casino.

    Casino players who love to have unlimited fun and entertainment instead of devoting some amount of energy to gambling as well as ones who hate using credit cards, debit cards as means of payment absolutely adore pay by phone bill option. At Plush Casino, one can have the best gaming fun without having to worry about the payment options. Check out all the available payment methods we have here at Plush Casino!

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    Name: Online Casino Payment– Is Pay by Phone Bill Killing Other Methods?

    Posted On: 11/08/2017

    Author: Alex Hamilton

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