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  • Sticky Wilds used in Online Slots

    Sticky Wilds used in Online Slots

    Online slots are one of the most played online casino game types of all time. The spell-binding theme of the game impresses the players and makes them glued to it. Another crucial reason for choosing online slot games is because of the bonus features of the game that can be activated by the special symbols in online slots. This includes, sticky wilds, scatter symbols and so on.

    Sticky Wilds used in Online Slots

    Sticky wilds and online slots

    The slot games with sticky wilds are generally popular than the games without them. Wild symbols are not new, in fact, they have been incorporated in slot games since its early days. For non-slot players, wild symbols are like the joker in card games; both can be replaced in case of a winning combination. But, wild symbols cannot replace some symbols such as scatter symbols in some slot games.

    How do sticky wilds work?

    Sticky wilds are activated if the players have landed the required number of sticky wilds symbols. But, in some games, sticky wilds will be activated randomly. Though finding the right casino which comprises slot games which offer sticky wilds in the base game is difficult. There are only a handful of such casinos. Plush Casinos offers numerous slot games along with plenty of casino games online. After the sticky wilds feature is activated, the sticky wilds stay fixed and rest of the symbols will be spinning. If any other sticky wilds happen to come in between, that also stays in its place. As more wilds stay on the reels, the payout of the player will be increased accordingly.

    Effect of wilds on online slots

    Creators of slot games started to add more elements and features in the game to make the games interesting and exciting. In addition to that, sticky wilds stay on the reels until the no special wilds are added or until for several rounds.

    How are sticky wilds special?

    Sticky wilds unlike most of the bonus features can bring more wins. Once sticky wilds are activated, they can trigger more sticky wilds. In some games, multipliers will be granted based on the number of activated sticky wilds. This could boost the overall payout of the player.

    Advantages of sticky wilds

    Sticky wilds are simply amazing. There are more like free spins but with multipliers or with more possible combinations. Sticky wilds are also one of the important features which a player looks for when he searches for a great slots game.

    Players can have a higher probability of big wins if the sticky wild feature is activated during the gameplay. Sticky wilds are not present in all the slot games and players should find the online casino which offers slot games that have sticky wilds. Plush Casino has an extensive collection of slot games including the ones with sticky wilds and scatter symbols. Players can enjoy uninterrupted casino gaming here.

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    Name: Sticky Wilds used in Online Slots

    Posted On: 20/04/2018

    Author: Alex Hamilton

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