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  • Top 5 Accidental Bets On Mobile Slots Game

    Top 5 Accidental Bets On Mobile Slots Game

    Mistakes can happen from anyone and every mistake leads to a new learning. And gambling is no different in this regard. But since there is money involved here, you cannot really afford to commit any mistakes, even by accident. Take a look at this list and make sure you play mobile slots game without making the costly mistakes.

    Top 5 Accidental Bets On Mobile Slots Game

    Mistakes on Mobile Slots that Can Cost you dearly

    Max Bet Option

    Most mobile slots come with a Max Bet button and this is somehow deliberately placed next to the spin button. If you are not careful about where you are clicking your mouse button, you can end up hitting this expensive button. A real player while wagering on ‘Lord of the Rings’ slot accidentally hit this button and it used £100 on one single spin. To make it worse, he did not win anything out of that spin, not even a single penny. So you must be very careful before choosing the spin button each time.

    Setting the Paylines

    This is another common mistake that most players commit while playing a mobile slots game. The real player here was not aware of how paylines work in ‘Gorilla Go Wild’ slot. He intended to wager £1 for a spin but he lost £30 instead. This was because he did not notice that 30 paylines were active at that point. So you must always adjust the paylines or the coin value to suit your budget. Look for the area where you can see the total bet and play.

    Listen to your Intuition

    There are times when we get a warning not go to work or play or even gamble. You will start feeling somewhat uneasy and sceptical about gaming on some particular day or time of a day. This is when you must listen to your instincts and let go. A slot player already with a bad mood tried a mobile slots game at best online casino with the intent to wager £5 but with the absence of mind, the player wagered £50 instead and won nothing. So when you are in a bad mood or upset, it is really not the right time for gambling.

    Lucky Error

    Not every mistake turns out to be bad but you will need some luck on your side for something good to happen. A player once accidentally wagered all money worth £50 in one single spin of a progressive jackpot slot. It could have been the bad day but since the lady luck was on his side, he ended up winning a handsome £8000. This is very rare to happen and one must really not rely on such things.

    Mouse not working?

    This is something which can happen to anyone and most of us would have experienced it, a mouse malfunction. A player once wagering at a mobile slots game experienced a malfunction in the mouse. Player still went on with the game and would have easily lost £48 on that spin. But it turned out to be a lucky spin for the player and won £200 instead. This is very silly to ignore since the problem is pretty much clear and you are willing to still take a chance. Why not think about replacing the mouse before losing money?

    Stay Alert & Play Smart!!

    These top accidents are prone to happen in any of the mobile slot gaming if you do not pay close attention. Slot gaming requires not just luck but the presence of your mind, concentration and complete knowledge of the game that you are playing. So put your mind in the active mode and play all you can at Plush Casino now and unbox some amazing welcome offers.

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    Name: Top 5 Accidental Bets On Mobile Slots Game

    Posted On: 08/08/2017

    Author: Alex Hamilton

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