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    Types Of Progressive Slots & How To Play Them

    Online slots are the best way to have fun at the online casino and also earn some money while at it. These are of various types but the most rewarding ones are the progressive slots. The progressive slots are the ones that have progressive jackpots attached to them. A progressive jackpot is the one that keeps increasing with the more number of players who play online slot games. The basic concept behind the progressive slots is that there is a certain amount of jackpot attached to it. However, as the number of the players playing these online slots increases, the size of the jackpot also increases. So, every successful bet that is placed on the slot adds up to the jackpot and makes it even bigger.

    There are various kinds of progressive slots for the players to choose from at the UK mobile casino. These slots have lots of special features and bonuses with them so that the player can win even if they do not end up winning the jackpot.

    Types Of Progressive Slots & How To Play Them

    Wide Area progressive online slots

    The wide area progressive slots are the ones that are developed by the independent operators or the casinos. These are the kind of progressive jackpots that give the player very little chance of winning. These machines are sometimes connected to the other machines and each of them gives the player an equal chance of winning all at the same time. The wide area slots are the most famous kinds of slot machines available to all the players.

    In-House, Local, Proprietary

    The local or In-House progressive online jackpot slots are the ones that are owned either by the casino or by a single slot developer. These progressive slots do not provide a huge amount of prize and have a lot of players at one slot machine itself. Hence these jackpots have a low winning rate than the other ones.


    Standalone progressive online slots are the ones that can be easily found at a land-based casino. These slots are single and do not have any other slots attached to them. They initially have a fixed amount of jackpot and as the players start betting the amount of the jackpots keep increasing. It can be clearly seen at the topmost tab of most slot games.

    Random Progressive Online Slots

    This is a very famous category of progressive online slots at the online casinos. These are basically small jackpots that are won many at a time. Meaning that there are 2 or more jackpots interlinked to each other and the players win regular jackpots that are small in size.

    The catch with these jackpots is that the player has to bet the maximum amount in order to be available for this progressive jackpot. It is also advisable that the player checks all the terms and conditions of the slot game in order to win at these online slots. The progressive slots are really easy to play. The player has to just set the size of the coin and click on the spin button in order to land a winning combination. Join Plush Casino today and get to play a variety of casino games involving several themed slot games having gamble feature and much more on the go to win big!

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    Name: Types Of Progressive Slots & How To Play Them

    Posted On: 06/10/2017

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    5/5 - (2 votes)