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    Blackjack is the brilliant card game which almost every casino player must have played a million times. Plush Casino brings you this all-time classic with its many facets. Blackjack has evolved with time and changes character with change in geography. We bring you the entire deck of online Blackjack with its many variations, all in one place!

    A Player-friendly World of Online Blackjack

    Oversimplify it and Blackjack is all about a decks of 52 cards and scoring the magical 21. But a new gambler can lose sleep over the many terms - insurance, split, hit and stand. At Plush Casino, we help newbies get started with demo games that give a flavour of the rules and strategies. Online Blackjack isn’t miles apart from the offline version but a free game helps you get acquainted with the digital keys. The pro players can shift their preferences from classic to premier versions too. Every version of the online Blackjack differs a little bit from the traditional Blackjack while maintaining its original character.

    A Real-Time Gaming Entertainment

    For the more enterprising players, there is live dealer online Blackjack too, available to play in real-time with co-players across the world. Each table playing Blackjack online let's seven people play the game at the same time. The online Blackjack shows an arc table where seven players are pitted against the dealer. Once the players have placed their bets, the dealer deals the cards to everyone including himself. So, it gets as close as you can imagine to the real Blackjack gaming environment. The hysteria begins when you live chat with the dealer and the co-players!

    A Universally Compatible GamePlay

    We have kept up with changing times, by upgrading to the best in technology out there. A gambler using our website can switch devices and can continue to get the same experience without feeling the transition. Whether you are on a Windows workstation or an Android / iOS handset, Plush Casino is accessible seamlessly. So you need not let go of your favourite game even while you are travelling. You can simply login from your mobile handsets and start placing your bets.

    Our online version is as interesting as the classic version and offers great payouts too. Plush Casino brings you a never-before range of all popular Blackjack online versions in one place! No matter where you are or what time it is, you can reach out to your devices and start betting.