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  • Amazing Features of Mobile Slots You Ought to Know

    Amazing Features of Mobile Slots You Ought to Know

    Mobile slots are a lot of fun. They offer more features than traditional any other games. Plus, you can win good rewards as you play. Every mobile slots game has its unique features.

    Amazing Features of Mobile Slots You Ought to Know

    Here’s a look at some of the best features that hold in most of the mobile slots at our online and mobile casino:

    Scatter to Unlock Bonuses

    Scatter symbols are great additions. They make slot games more entertaining. They are often a slot player’s best friend as these unlock special bonus features. Your favourite slots game has its unique symbol for Scatter. Every time you spin, a few of these symbols will appear. If a winning number of symbols line up, the game will unlock a bonus feature. Each game has its bonus feature. It could be free spins, extra coins or bonus games. The scatter feature is quite common on five-reel slot machines and seven-reel slots. It is, however, less common in three-reel slots.

    243 Paylines to play More

    The more paylines in a slots game, the more chances of winning. Many mobile slots come with 243 paylines. In other words, there are 243 ways to win! With a single spin, you enjoy many chances of winning. Slots with 243 paylines are highly advanced. They have state of the art design. You’ll also find fun animations and engaging stories when you play these mobile slots.

    Wild Symbols to Complete Paylines

    Every slots player waits for a Wild symbol to appear. Wilds substitute for other symbols and complete winning pay lines. A Wild symbol will roll in with sound effects and animation. It can also multiply your winnings. Wilds can come in variations, such as Stacked Wilds, Sticky Wilds, Expanding Wilds and Random Wilds. These special wilds add to the game’s fun value. The Expanding Wilds will cover the entire reel, leading to more chances of winning. Stacked wilds appear in groups. Some combinations increase your chances of winning. Sticky Wilds are like Stacked Wilds. A Sticky Wild symbol will cover a full reel and cause it to stay fixed for a few spins.

    Bonus Games for Exponential Fun

    Bonus games can pop up from time to time on a new screen. These games will give you a break from standard spins. Plus, you get a chance to win extra cash. Bonus games will usually appear after the spinning reels land a certain combination that triggers the game. Three bonus symbols, scatter symbols or some other special symbols can trigger the bonus game.

    Free Spins for More Play

    Free spins are great. Three scatter symbols usually trigger free spins. In some mobile slots, you may have to spin a certain combination to win free spins.


    The gamble feature is for those who are daring. Do you want to take a chance and double the round’s winnings? Do you want to multiply it four times? To take the chance, you may have to correctly guess the suite or colour of a card. If you guess wrong, you lose everything you won. This feature adds an element of thrill to mobile slots.

    These are some features that make mobile slots such fun. What is your favourite mobile slots feature?

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    Name: Amazing Features of Mobile Slots You Ought to Know

    Posted On: 29/01/2018

    Author: Alex Hamilton

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