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    Basic Online Slots Rules

    Online slots, without any doubt, are in the rage. They are extremely easy to play, super fun and conveniently available. Although there aren’t much hardcore rules and regulations, when it comes to the online slots, but there are certain basic rules to keep in mind. As you proceed with the article, you will get to know the basic pointers and strategies useful while playing a wide range of online slots at our online and mobile casino.

    Basic Online Slots Rules

    What is a Slot machine?

    It is of utmost importance to understand what a slot machine is and how it works. The main reason behind the immense popularity of the online slots is its simplicity. There aren’t logical thinking and strategic planning involved when it comes to slot machines. Slot machines, both traditional as well as the online counterparts, require a lever or button to spin the reels. The reels have printed symbols on them. A random number generator is used to decide when the reel will stop spinning. It also decides the winning and losing status.

    Online Slots- Basic Slots Terminologies

    The basic terminology of the online slot games has been explained below.

    1. Bonus games- Almost every slot game has a bonus round, which is triggered by the appearance of certain special symbols. It provides a way to win some additional payout. They are designed as per the theme of the slot game. Bonus games come in different variants, ranging from free spins to cascades.
    2. Paylines- Paylines are the lines across the reels. They determine whether the spin won or lost. Symbols are required to appear in a particular order on the payline to score a win. Majority of online slots come with multiple paylines. They can work horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
    3. Payout- Payout is the money won in the winning round. Payouts can also be won during the bonus game. The payout depends on the order in which the winning symbols appear and the initial bet by the player.
    4. Reels- Reels are the wheels that rotate when the lever is pulled, or the button is pushed. The reels have symbols over them, and the order of these reel symbols determine the payout. The slots have three or more reels, which is controlled by random generator.
    5. Scatters- Scatters trigger payout, irrespective of whether they are on paylines. They also activate bonus games and jackpots.
    6. RTP- RTP otherwise known as Return To Player, is a term used at online casinos to describe the percentage of any wagered money that will be paid back to players over time on slot games. RTP of online slots makes a huge difference in your game.
    7. Wilds- It a specific symbol, that can act as any other symbol.

    Basic Online Slots Rules

    Getting started

    The first step is to decide the type of slot game one wants to play. Some basic questions to ask for this purpose are- what is the number of paylines? How many reels are present? What is the value of one coin bet? Etc.


    After selecting the slot type, one needs to decide about the bet to place. It is recommended to choose the maximum bet, as it enhances the winning chances. Slide the money into the slot or make an online payment, equivalent credit will appear on the screen. Also, one needs to decide on the number of paylines.


    After deciding the paylines, one has to click the spin button. Doing this activates the random number generator, which helps in landing the symbols and decides win or loss. The computer calculates the payout depending on the symbol on the screen.

    No matter the type of online slot you decide to play, the basics always remain the same. Always ensure to understand the basic paylines, features and options before playing the slot. Join Plush Casino now and explore the various themed wide range of online and mobile slot games in our lobby.

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    Name: Basic Online Slots Rules

    Posted On: 20/11/2017

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    5/5 - (3 votes)