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    Online Slots Gamble Feature Explained

    Gamble feature has been a part of the slot machine almost from the time they became famous. Due to their popularity, it was also brought to online casinos with more attractive graphics and themes. You can get to see a plenty of online slot games having gamble feature at our online and mobile casino. This gained a lot of popularity in online slots because of the thrill and risk involved. This feature can either double the amount won or makes the won amount to zero.

    Online Slots Gamble Feature Explained

    So it is “Double or Nothing”, simple as that

    Gamble feature in online slots can be simply put as “Double or Nothing”. Though this feature is present in slot games since a long time it gained momentum in recent times due to the advent of more options and better graphics.

    The working mechanism of the gamble feature

    Most of the online slots at our UK Casino have the gamble feature that grants the players a chance to double the amount won or to lose all the money. The traditional way to play the gamble feature is by predicting the next colour of the card. This choice of predicting whether the card is black or red has 50/50 probability.

    This can be played a number of times depending on the game and each time the player wins the money doubles and also it is to be noted that even if the player loses in the second or later rounds the player will lose all the money.

    In some cases, the gambling feature is carried out with cards but with different rules. The player will be shown a card and will be asked to predict whether the next card will be higher or lower than the current card.

    Gamble feature with the coin and the dice

    Coin gamble is also one of the common gamble features in online slots which asks the player to predict the outcome of the coin flip. The dice roll is also used for gamble feature in some of the slot games at the best online casinos. The player has to predict the outcome of the dice roll whether it will result in an odd or even number.

    Other bonus games in the form of gamble feature

    There is another form of gamble feature in online slots which is getting popular these days. In this feature, the player will be handed a globe with two sections – red and green section. The player can increase or decrease both the areas before making the wager. However altering both the sections will alter the potential winnings of the player correspondingly. When the alterations are done a needle spins around it and the win or loss of the player is decided by that. There are two popular ways to play the game if the area covered by both the colours are altered – low-risk option and high-risk option.

    The low-risk option is when the player maximizes the green colour as much he/she can so that the losing area is very small. If the player wins by this method he will be offered around 1/20th of the total wager amount. The high-risk option is to expand the red colour area and this automatically reduces the green colour area thereby reducing the probability of winning. But this method rewards around 20 times the wager amount. It is up to the player to decide the method to play.

    Though gamble feature is an interesting and fun concept, players should be aware of the possible outcomes of the moves they are going to make. You can also learn about the reels symbols in online slots and much more. Try numerously themed and entertaining online slot games at Plush Casino and get the casino experience added!

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    Name: Online Slots Gamble Feature Explained

    Posted On: 29/09/2017

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    5/5 - (1 vote)