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  • Loot ELKs Treasure with the All-New Wild Seas Online Slots

    Loot ELKs Treasure with the All-New Wild Seas Online Slots

    Get ready to enjoy a turbulent ride over the Caribbean sea as you test the waters in pirate territory. This thrilling adventure from Elk studios has all the right mix of ingredients to keep you engaged and entertained. This online slots game promises to be one crazy ride.

    Loot ELKs Treasure with the All-New Wild Seas Online Slots

    Wild Seas Online Slots Theme

    Revenge is on the cards for Anne Bonny, this famous leader of the pirates is seeking to fulfil her revenge against people who cheated and betrayed her father. As a player, you are given a chance to join and help her to complete her vengeance. In return, you will be entitled to get a share of the loot that Anne gets. The game offers five reels wherein you have over a hundred and seventy-eight ways to win through four rows. The merchant ship convoys are on the search to find a safe passage for them so that they can save their precious goods and Anne and he will not let them escape so easily. Play this thrilling online and mobile slots game at our online casino now!

    Wild Seas Online Slots has Pretty Cool Symbols

    The main character of course in this thrilling adventure is Anne. In the game, she is trying to avenge the three captains who were behind betraying her father. The merchant convoys of the East India company that are passing by are headed by these three rouge captains who hail from France, England, and Portugal. You will find symbols in the form of a treasure chest, bomb barrels and Black wide sea sails. You are also going to come across low paying symbols which will appear in front of you as Gold coins and Silver coins.


    The game becomes very exciting as it is set in the background of the Caribbean sea. The game is pretty easy to understand and in no time will you be playing it like an experienced sea pirate. You will be eligible for a payout if you manage to land a minimum of three matching symbols on reels that are adjacent. The game sets into motion with part one of the free spins which is named break the convoy. Your goal once starts playing the game would be to shoot down at least one among the merchant ships three times before the game reaches reel one. Once you achieve this, it automatically triggers the future levels of the free spins.


    The three captains who betrayed Anne’s father and Anne herself are the highest paying symbols. You have a chance to win a maximum payout of one hundred and seventy-eight thousand coins on a single spin.

    This game from ELK has a rich combination of ingredients that will make playing these online slots a pretty exciting adventure for every player. So get out on the high seas and loot some real treasure at Plush Casino and also try playing our most popular mobile slots on the go and win some good rewards!

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    Name: Loot ELKs Treasure with the All-New Wild Seas Online Slots

    Posted On: 19/01/2018

    Author: Alex Hamilton

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