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  • Ten Mobile Slots Terms You Need to Know

    Ten Mobile Slots Terms You Need to Know

    Slots games are enjoyed by players around the world due to the game’s simple rules and easy gameplay. Though the game is simple, players should be aware of the terms and terminologies to enjoy the complete gameplay to the fullest. Plush Casino has listed some of the crucial terms involved in mobile slots gaming.

    Ten Mobile Slots Terms You Need to Know

    • Auto Spin

    Auto spin helps the player to spin the reels automatically for a required number of times. This feature is available in most of the mobile slot games. The number of times to spin the slot automatically can be set by the player and the number of times for which the auto spin can be set changes from game to game.

    At online and mobile casino, some mobile slots game, the auto spin feature can be set to stop if the player’s credit goes above or below a particular amount.

    • Paylines

    Paylines are the lines where if the winning symbols are landed the player gets paid. Based on the mobile slots the structure and the number of paylines differ.

    • Multiplier

    The Multiplier is a must known term to have an effective gameplay. The multiplier multiplies the win by the particular amount. For instance, a 50× multiplier multiplies the win by 50 times.

    The Multiplier can be won in many ways including landing free spins symbol, mini-games or also through promotional offers from the casino.

    • Symbols

    Symbols are nothing but the icons appearing on the reels. These symbols are based on themes, cards and so on. Some mobile slots have animated symbols which look wonderful.

    • Paytable

    Paytable has all the information regarding the symbols, payout, winning combinations, multipliers and much more. In a majority of the mobile slots game, the paytable can be accessed by clicking on the “i” symbol.

    • Bet

    The bet is the amount that the player uses in the particular round. Bet in slots is calculated by the amount set for each payline multiplied by the number of paylines. The players have the liberty to choose the number of paylines and the amount for each payline but in some slot games the number of paylines are fixed and cannot be altered by the player.

    • Mini Game

    In most cases, the mini-games are activated if the required amount of the mini-game symbols are landed on the reels. The mini-game usually takes place in a different screen layout which doesn’t have reels. Majority of the mini-games are special rounds where the player has the opportunity to win some extra money or bonuses. In some slots, mini-games can be played without landing any mini-game symbols on the reels.

    • Progressive jackpot

    Progressive jackpot adds a certain amount to the jackpot for each spin. Therefore the jackpot money increases by each spin. However not all the slot games offer progressive jackpot and so players should check before playing.

    • Random Number Generator

    Mobile slots game use Random Number Generator to provide random results every time. This helps to maintain the authenticity and genuineness of the casino and also all regulated and licensed casino use RNG to generate results.

    • Wagering Requirements

    In some instances, the player has to fulfil the wagering requirements to withdraw the winning amount. This is a majority of the cases takes place when playing with the welcome bonus and promotional offers.

    Apart from the above-listed words, there are numerous crucial terms which the player needs to know before playing in a slots game. The players are requested to be aware of the terminologies and rules of any game before investing big. You can even play live casino games on your mobile devices at our UK online and mobile casino.

    Now you’re aware of mobile slots terms with this quick glossary page, then why not pick one of the games at Plush Casino and see what your luck says!

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    Name: Ten Mobile Slots Terms You Need to Know

    Posted On: 22/09/2017

    Author: Alex Hamilton

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