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    Which Mobile Slots Game should you Play First?

    Are you a new entrant to the vast gambling universe and dizzied already by the variety and grandeur of choices at your disposal? The confusion is real and the dilemma very natural. How does one simply go about choosing one when there are so many exciting mobile slots to try your hands in? It’s like you have all your favourite flavours of candy littered around but you need to pick just one. Tough, right?

    Here are details of all the latest mobile slots released recently on Plush Casino so you can decide which one is worthy of being your first spin.

    Which Mobile Slots Game should you Play First?

    The Good Old Charm of Classic Mobile Slots

    If you are a lover of the past and have been living in the shadows of the good, glorious days of real-world casinos where gamblers still played on an actual table and the rooms were dimly lit with intermittently flashing lights, all the 7s could be your go-to game. The mobile slot is as retro in the feels as it gets and will surely evoke a poignant pang of nostalgia in you. If you are not that much of a 90s person but still want something classic to play with, you could try the cute Super Fruit Bandit mobile slot. It has got smart futuristic (yeah!) fruits, a cool grape gamble feature, and a mini-game within the main plot.

    Feeling Adventurous? Try these Mobile Slots Out

    If you have a knack for adventure and a treasure hunt sounds like just your thing, welcome aboard. Plush Casino is replete with fun, thrilling, edgy adventure mobile slots games. You could break into the wilds and explore the woodlands for your hidden treasures and rewards with Lumberjack Pots. The indiscriminate encounters with part-fun, part-scary creatures on the way to the treasure take up the thrill by several notches like Jungle Jim, Asgardian Stones, Wish wood. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous and want some more action, you can get your hands on the musicians inspired mobile slot, Motorhead, Jimi Hendrix etc.
    If fantasies capture your imagination and you would rather embark on a magical journey than getting involved in a fight.

    The Warm Fuzzy Feeling

    You might want to check the King Kong Fury, Silver Lion, Planet of the Apes out if you love animals. These monsters are super cute and not for one second will they let your attention waver. Birds on a Win line featuring cute, tiny birds can be an option, too.

    The list can go on forever, but while, you really need to make your way to the site and check the mobile slots out on your own to decide what you feel like playing today.

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    Name: Which Mobile Slots Game should you Play First?

    Posted On: 11/05/2018

    Author: Alex Hamilton

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