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  • European Roulette

    European Roulette is a simple yet very interactive casino table game with plenty of options you can win from. This game features a 3D view of the wheel that helps you clearly view where the ball rolls. The game starts with a view of the betting table in the front and the wheel on its rear. There are numbers from one to thirty-six that are randomly placed around the wheel on alternate black and red pockets. The green pocket is the place for the single zero. There are various betting options along with game statistics you can view from time to time. The betting here starts with a lower limit of £0.25 and this can go up to a max of £100 per position. This range varies from one type of betting to the other.

    About the developer of European Roulette

    This professional casino table online version of the roulette game was created by Realistic. One of the largest game producers in the world with over 200 games already popular online. They are listed as one of the best gaming companies at NASDAQ and have several award winning games to their list.

    About the game

    The European Roulette has basic rules of the original game and looks very realistic to the traditional casino version. You can place your bets on any single or multiple numbers, however, the single straight pays the most of thirty-five times on your total bet. You could increase your chances with multiple bet positions but you need to calculate the profit you can make. There are other options such as split, corner, street and line. These positions help you increase your winning probability as they cover multiple numbers. The payouts here are 17, 11, 8 and 5 times on your bet.

    • Outside Betting: There are some areas outside the table that you must not miss if you want to keep in winning. Though betting here gets you a lower payout when compared to inside bets, the probability is well about 50%. This helps you make a sizeable profit after few hours. They are black, red, odd numbers, even numbers, high (19-36), low (1-18), a column with four columns containing 12 numbers and dozen with a single row of 12 numbers.
    • Game Results: The statistics feature of European Roulette shows the results of last 15 games. This helps you identify the stronger and weaker positions on the betting table. So you can strategize your future games more efficiently.


    With a professional and realistic setup, European Roulette is definitely the variant you do not want to miss playing online. The house edge here is just 2.7%.

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    Game Summary

    Game Name: European Roulette

    Posted On: 20/07/2017

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    European Roulette