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  • Three Card Poker

    As the name suggests, Three Card Poker involves players having a stronger hand of three cards than the dealer to win. The game is played using a single 52 card deck and players can place different bets as well. Get more information on this video poker game from the review below.

    How to Play Three Card Poker

    You begin to play Three Card Poker by choosing your betting chips. With these chips, you can make an Ante bet by placing your chips on the Ante spot which is at the centre of the game table. Players can then make a “Play bet” and as mentioned earlier, you win when your hand of three cards is stronger than that of the dealer. However, with a “Queen” a dealer will win a round. The dealer will also win if he has a card greater in value than a Queen. When you have a stronger hand your Ante bet is doubled, and the Play bet returned. You can also make side bets (i.e. 6 Card and Pair Plus)

    The Payouts On Some Bets

    In Three Card Poker casino game online, you can make several bets if you prefer. Your Ante bet will earn you a payout of 1 to 1. Players will also earn a 1 to 1 payout on their Play bet. For a “Three of A Kind” bet, players can expect a payout ranging from 7:1 to 1,000:1. A Pair Plus bet gives a payout of 100:1.

    Three Card Poker for Everyone

    Three Card Poker is available for both professional poker players and green-horns. The interface is easy to understand and doesn’t take long for players to get used to. As soon as your chips are selected, and an Ante bet made you are dealt face-up three cards. Once you make a Play bet the dealer unveils his face-down cards and the outcome announced. As stated before, you win with a stronger hand when compared to that of the dealer. It is this simplicity that makes this video poker ideal for every group of players.

    To Sum Up

    This is a video poker game with very rapid playing sessions. Players can play quite a several rounds within a short period of playing time. The quick turnaround can make this a very addictive game, as the more you win the longer you are tempted to continue playing. For this reason alone, Three Card Poker is certainly worth a go and play responsibly.

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    Game Summary

    Game Name: Three Card Poker

    Posted On: 24/01/2018

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    Three Card Poker