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  • Starburst

    Starburst comes straight from the August stables of NetEnt. And as you would expect from a company with such an impeccable pedigree, the game looks and plays sweetly enough to get your blood pressure shooting up and set your nerve endings afire.

    At first glance, it might be tempting to dismiss its features as threadbare and its playability as average. That is, till you see it in action and get hooked. Ever seen a starburst? Well, it’s time to find out what such an eventful happening will do to your gaming life. Read on and find out.

    A Starburst Moves The Soul

    The game is a five-reel slot that has a relatively pedestrian ten paylines. While the payline looks to be below average, there’s nothing much to worry about as other gameplay features more than makeup for this seeming lack.
    The game symbols all flow with the starry theme and comprise big and glowing jewels that would probably cost an arm and a leg to purchase. The jewels number around five and are coloured blue, orange, green, purple and yellow. Their values though differ, with purple being the highest ranked and yellow being the runt of the litter.

    Other symbols include the familiar “seven” and “bar” symbols that are such a staple of fruit machines. The wild is fittingly the Starburst symbol. The game background lays on the purple colour thickly and stylishly. The overall effect is indeed impressive.

    Burst Through Lots of Bonuses

    As you might have noticed, the available symbols are smaller than most other slots. As a result, they pop up more often during winning combos. This helps cancel any issues that might be experienced with just ten paylines.

    Players can additionally win big should they land blocks of symbols that start from either the top or bottom of the reels. As well, winnings are gained from the right to left and left to right of the reels.

    The wild symbol crops up on reels two to four. In action, it expands to cover all the symbols on its reels and gifts players with a free spin. In effect, players benefit from the wild feature on their first spin and yet again during the time it gets stuck in place for the free spin.

    Final Thoughts

    Starburst looks really sweet and effectively plays like a dream. The possibility of landing wins in almost any direction and the generous bonuses help keep gameplay lively and interesting. Overall, this online slot similar to many other slot games in Plush Casino, is quite a pleasure to recommend.

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    Game Summary

    Game Name: Starburst

    Posted On: 06/06/2017

    Author: Alex Hamilton