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    Spinlotto online slot is certainly unconventional. Made by Gamevy, it looks like a marriage of convenience between a bingo game and an online slot. But once you stop thinking about how weird it looks and start exploring it like it’s meant to, you begin to realise just how looks can be deceptive.

    Care for a spin or two in online slots game? Hop on and let us show you what Spinlotto is made of.

    It’s a Spinlotto World

    Spinlotto comes with five reels that have three rows with them. As well as ten paylines. The audio track to this slot is charming but rather unobtrusive. Overall, the game is quite colourful, with deep blue being the primary background colour.

    Gameplay is rather bizarre but certainly riveting. To start with, at the top of the screen are five numbers in the range of 1 to 49. The player has to select one or have it automatically picked for him/her. This has to happen before the spin feature can start.

    Should the player be lucky enough to match two and up of those numbers to any similar ones on the reels, a prize is awarded. Next, the player has to pick any number between 1 and 15. This will be their lucky star number. And should it pop up on an identical row as the last ball on any winning payline, the awarded prize will be multiplied.
    Game symbols are formed from bingo balls. As well, no wilds or bonus symbols are present in the base game.

    Spin Up The Spinlotto Bonuses

    Star Booster: the star booster is a level three extra bet that players can choose to utilise or not. It slaps on an extra layer of multiplier onto all lucky star wins. It, however, has no bearings on the jackpot feature. It’s RTP varies as well. Example:

    Bet x 1 =89.00%
    Bet x 3 = 91.30%
    Bet x 5 = 95.90%

    Jackpots: the jackpot feature comes in three main flavours. As well, they are gained when players land three varied payline combos. Example:

    Jackpot (10,000x) = Any five numbers, in addition to a lucky star
    Mega Jackpot (100,000x) = Match all available numbers with no repeats. In addition to the lucky star
    Ultra Jackpot (1,000,000x) = Match all available five numbers with no repeats and in ascending order. In addition to the lucky star.

    Final Thoughts

    This online casino game comes with a variable RTP of from 89.00% to 95.90%. It might look weird, but it plays sweetly and offers above-average bonuses. Overall, it sure does come easily recommended and is certain to give players some excellent spinnings.

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    Game Summary

    Game Name: Spinlotto

    Posted On: 27/02/2015

    Author: Alex Hamilton