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  • Speed Roulette Live

    Evolution Gaming has released Speed Roulette Live which is the latest version of Live Dealer Roulette which has progressed a lot after its origin. Being a turbo-charged game, it gives a realistic experience of online casinos today. Efficiency along with spins produced per hour help in determining the work of croupiers in Speed Roulette Live. After translating into a turnover, new bets along with action will come upon each spin. TCSJOHNHUXLEY created the design of the wheel of this game.

    Benefits of Speed Roulette Live

    When it comes to advantages there is a lot offered by Speed Roulette Live. The plan quicker will be there throughout the game when you are there on the live table, i.e. during betting on the favourite number, testing all the betting strategies used in roulette and favouring outside bets. Many cameras are present on the table which enhance the experience of the players. To keep in order with the fast-paced game, all the dealers need to be well experienced and so are they.

    Playing Technique

    At the bottom of the screen, a bettable is present lengthwise. A ball will keep moving and the bets need to be placed by selecting respective squares on bettable. When the ball lands, a circle will be seen near the winning number which will be followed by the landing of a turret. As soon as turret lands, the “Place your Bets” feature will be visible on the screen after which betting needs to be done for the successive round. Despite the intuitive interface, a fast speed needs to be maintained for handling the game due to which it isn’t an ideal choice for beginners as they are not much aware of the process of betting done during long betting periods.

    Some points to note

    Each game round will require 25 seconds for completion which is far more better than the PlayTech version of this game as that consumes 34 seconds for each round. Betting can be done only during present spin due to lack of “Dead Time” which on the contrary is found in PlayTech version. The dealer will start with next spin when the winning number (previous one) will be caught by the wheel. Consuming 50% of the total time of games Standard Roulette & Immersive Roulette, Speed Roulette is faster than these two as these games provide 50 games and that too in 1 hour. This online Roulette game is playable on all the devices including mobile phones, tablets and desktops as well.


    Number recognition can only be done through video. Few online casinos even make this game accessible to the players, 24×7. The interface will be loved by the players who are used to standard roulette.

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    Game Summary

    Game Name: Speed Roulette Live

    Posted On: 24/01/2018

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    Speed Roulette Live