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  • Quick Fire Cash

    Quick Fire Cash is an instant win click and reveals format game where you can win loads of prizes. This is a pure luck based game and can be played by anyone without prior experience in gambling. It is a simple board game where you need to match some symbols in order to win a reward. To help you win better, this game comes with four different levels. So you can actually stand to win from all four games if you are lucky. The interface is pretty simple and winning is decided just by a single click. Every turn starts with a bet amount and you can choose from 50p to £5 per turn.

    About the developer of Quick Fire Cash

    This ultimate click and reveal game was developed by IWG, an innovative leader of online gambling systems. They have over a decade of experience in creating the world most popular games for online users. Their games are very easy to win and come loaded with an exciting feature to help the players win handsome rewards.

    About the game

    As mentioned earlier, Quick Fire Cash has a board with four different sections, each representing a unique level. The game one has eight barrels that reveal some symbols along with prizes. The second game has two dollar symbols per row with prize money attached to them. The third game has dollar symbols that must add up to a value to make a win. The last game is limited to revealing a specific symbol to win a prize attached to it.

    • In Game One of Quick Fire Cash, if both symbols on a row appear identically, you will win a prize against it.
    • In the second game, you will find two columns with YOURS and THEIRS mentioned below. Any row where the value of YOURS is higher than THEIRS, you will win the prize in that row.
    • The third game is very straight forward and the two numbers must make a total of 10. The rows that make 10 will award you prizes.
    • The fourth and last game needs to reveal a bundle of currency notes to win a prize money attached to it.
    • There is a multiplier feature which is dice with numbers 1 to 6. At the beginning of each round, the dice will roll and reveals a number. All your wins are multiplied by this number and hence it helps you to win big.


    With multiple levels of winning that you can experience, Quick Fire Cash offers various rewards in the form of prize money. You can win up to a whopping £175,000 in this game.

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    Game Summary

    Game Name: Quick Fire Cash

    Posted On: 05/07/2017

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    Quick Fire Cash