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    Pontoon Professional is a game that resembles blackjack and is actually played with the similar rules as blackjack. Basically, this game is a blackjack with a twist to it. The game is played with six decks, each consisting of 52 cards. The game table is a high definition graphics oriented layout with decks of cards, chips and control panel below. You can even adjust the game speed from 1 to 9 and there is an amazing classic jazz number playing in the background. There are three hands in this game and the betting limits for each hand is between £1 and £40.

    About the developer of Pontoon Professional

    This amazing table game with blackjack like the gameplay was developed by NetEnt. They are a leading supplier of online casino games to hundreds of casino sites. Their games are built using modern gaming technologies that make mobile gambling possible too.

    About the game

    Visually, Pontoon Professional looks like a standard blackjack game and has similar rules. You can win the hand only when you score 21 points or closer to it than the croupier. You and the croupier are dealt two cards each and you can play one, two or all three hands. The difference in this game, when compared to BJ, is that both the croupier’s initial cards are face down. So only once you finish holding all your hands will the croupier’s hand be shown. Whoever gets 22 points or more will lose the hand and the bet associated with it. There is an option to buy an additional card and the split option is available too. If you make 21 points it is called ponton and you win 2 to 1 and a straight win gets you 1 to 1.

    • Buy In: You can buy a card once on every hand and it charges you additional bet value equal to the original bet. This is a double down feature in blackjack and it helps you win double the bet money too.
    • Five card win: If you manage to draw five cards in Pontoon Professional without exceeding 21, you get to win the pay of two to one.
    • Splitting: If the initial two cards have identical values, you will be able to split the hands. So you can play additional hands with this feature.


    With exciting new features and amazing gameplay, Pontoon Professional is a game that you do not want to miss. This is very easy to play and you can try different strategies as well.


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    Game Summary

    Game Name: Pontoon Professional

    Posted On: 24/08/2017

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    Pontoon Professional