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  • Pandamania Scratch

    Everyone loves pandas as they are possibly the cutest animals alive. Looking like a big and cuddly teddy bear, these herbivores are immensely popular and instantly recognisable worldwide. While they are invariably harmless, Pandamania Scratch has one of these sinfully-cute animals causing all sorts of commotion and trouble in a zoo. Not satisfied with terrorising the zoo with its antic, the particular panda responsible for this topsy-turvy state of affairs has his heart set on escaping from the zoo by all means and won’t let anything and anyone stop him. How do you aid him in his naughty adventures? Why of course by playing the Pandamania Scratch to its logical conclusion.

    Pandamania Scratch Does Scratch Up Trouble

    Most people are pretty familiar with the paper scratch cards of our childhood, with which we spent many happy hours busily engaged. Pandamania Scratch thankfully gives this old school habit an all-new look and flavour. And while you do not have to fiddle with an actual scratch card to play it, it still retains many elements of our beloved childhood scratch games to make it pretty intuitive and fun. Here, the scratching is all virtual, with the screen been rubbed to reveal the hidden icons.

    This is a 3 by 3 grid game. Once players get three matching symbols, they get rewarded with lots of bonuses. To begin play, the bet size is set. Then the “Play” button is clicked. Players additionally have the option to either manually scratch the screen or choose the “Reveal All” option. The latter requires no scratching and automatically displays the required symbols. There’s also an auto-bet feature that takes most of the decision making out of your hands. Players can utilise it to pre-set their bets for a predetermined number of cards and can relax to let the computer do the heavy lifting for them.

    There’s also a Ladder Bonus that’s well worth watching out for. During this feature when three symbols are matched, the player gets five coins. This is ramped up with seven recurring symbols rewarding the player with 75 coins. Eight symbols, on the other hand, pays out 5000 coins. While nine symbols spoils the player with a gargantuan 50, 000 coins

    Final Thoughts

    The Pandamania Scratch game scratches up a very interesting RTP of 90.43% and has a captivating theme and storyline. Old-fashioned fun is still the best and this game lays it on really thick. Overall, the game comes recommended for any individual in search of more than the usual generic slots on offer in most online casinos.

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    Game Summary

    Game Name: Pandamania Scratch

    Posted On: 26/03/2016

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    Pandamania Scratch