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  • Oasis Poker Professional

    One of the trickiest casino gambling games is the poker and it has been in existence for several decades now. There have been many variations of this game created for online users too. One such version is the Oasis Poker Professional which by name is for professional players who know the basic poker. However, there is nothing stopping anyone from trying as the game comes with ‘how to play’ guide. The graphics of this game is stunning and a green table is professionally setup with a single deck of 52 cards. You can find betting chips and the limits of this game are between £1 and £40 per game.

    About the developer of Oasis Poker Professional

    This amazing poker variant game was developed by NetEnt, one of the world’s leading casino developers. They have created several variations of over a hundred games to suit all types of players online. Their games display amazing graphics and offer realistic experience.

    About the game

    Oasis Poker Professional is played with 52 cards and your aim is to make a better hand than the dealer in order to win. Five cards each are dealt with you and the dealer. Only the first card of the dealer is open and other four will be face down. That is until you call the game and then all four of dealer’s card will be turned. You need to place your betting chips on ANTE and you can choose the cards you want to discard. Once you draw new cards you will have to either call or fold the hand. If you call, you will win if your hand is good. If you fold, then the hand will be surrendered and you will lose the ANTE amount.

    • Playing the hand: Once you receive five cards, you can choose which ones to keep and which ones to discard. There is a fee for each card drawn in Oasis Poker Professional. For discarding and drawing one card, the fee is equalled ANTE, two card charge you 2x the ANTE, three and four charges 3x and 2x respectively. If you discard all five then the fee is 1x of ANTE but once you draw five cards, the hand will be automatically called.
    • Paytable: Royal flush pays the highest with 100x, a straight flush pays 50x and four of a kind pays 20x. The others are a full house, flush, straight, triplet and two pairs, and the pay is 7x, 5x, 4x, 3x and 2x respectively.


    Oasis Poker Professional is one of the best variants for online users. The RTP of this game is 99.27%.


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    Game Summary

    Game Name: Oasis Poker Professional

    Posted On: 24/08/2017

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    Oasis Poker Professional