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    With Monkey Drop by IGT, you have an Instant Win Game with a cartoonish graphic design. This game involves monkeys throwing balls on a set of colourful tiles from a pegboard. This game has a meter with a banana shape. As you drop balls onto the colourful tiles you will have this banana-shaped meter gradually fill up and earn you a reward. Check out the game details below.

    Monkey Drop Betting Sum

    The first thing you need to do in Monkey Drop is to place your bets. The good news is this game allows a betting amount as low as £1 for each game. You can also up this amount to £10 if you want. As soon as you have placed your bet you will receive 7 opportunities to drop balls. Players can earn 150,000 coins when they play this game with a bit of luck in their ball drop. This game comes with a banana bonus mini-game where players can stand the chance of earning a win multiplier of 7,500x their staked sum. This is when you are lucky enough to drop balls that hit the yellow tile on three successive occasions.

    The Gameplay Of This Instant Win Game

    There is a peg board that is made up of 6 pegs arranged in a row. The balls are thrown through these pegs and they roll down onto the coloured tiles at the bottom of the pegs. A paytable with 6 bananas having 3 segments on each banana can also be seen to the right of the screen. Each of the 6 pegs has a colour that matches the coloured tile at the bottom of the peg. The 6 bananas also assume a colour similar to that of the coloured tile and peg. When a monkey drops a ball through a peg onto the coloured tile, the corresponding banana colour will fill up. As soon as this banana is filled up you will receive an Instant cash prize award. The coloured tiles include purple, blue, red, yellow, green and pink colours.

    Monkey Drop An Instant Play Casino Game

    Monkey Drop is an Instant Play casino game that can be accessed on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Players don’t have to download an app before they can start playing. All that is required is Internet access and you can go to the mobile browser of your preferred online casino site to play. This Instant Win Game can be played on iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry devices as well.

    To Sum Up

    Monkey Drop is a pleasant and exciting Instant Win Game. It can be played on most mobile devices and on Instant Play mode. Players can win significant cash rewards as well and this game by IGT is quite addictive.

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    Game Summary

    Game Name: Monkey Drop

    Posted On: 03/05/2018

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    Monkey Drop