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    Blackjack is one of the most popular casino table games and it is played at the casinos throughout the world. Although the game’s online versions are available but still players prefer going to the land casinos to play it. And, that is mainly because of the presence of dealer who provides a helping hand during the game. But, now all the credit goes to Live BlackJack online game that has eliminated the need of going to the casinos. Live BlackJack features the live dealer support in which human professional dealer provides the assistance.

    A studio that consists of the real game cards and table along with many HD cameras has made possible for the players to have a realistic experience. The players will hardly view any difference between land casino and this Best Live Dealer Blackjack game.

    Live BlackJack – Produced by Net Entertainment

    This game is among some of the best live dealer online games and is developed by Net Entertainment. NetEnt is known for having higher experience with sufficient expertise and knowledge in the casino gaming technologies. It has produced over hundred of the games that include different features and variants which can benefit the players.

    A Superb Gameplay awaits you in Live BlackJack

    In this game, the player’s aim is to score the points closer to twenty-one. Also, the players can select their betting chips between £1 and £5,000 on each hand. The game also offers 7 positions and the players can sit anywhere. The player and the dealer are then dealt with two cards. Also, if total value of the first 2 cards is 21, then the players win Blackjack hand. And, if not, the players have to draw the cards until they get twenty-one. Moreover, if the player exceed twenty-one points, they receive a BUST and will lose the hand.

    Likewise, if dealer exceeds twenty-one, then he will lose the hand and the player will win. Also, the dealer will now have to stand on 17 but the players can still draw the cards after that also. But it will be better to stand in case the players have the points between seventeen and twenty.

    Insurance Bet for even interesting gameplay in Live BlackJack

    This will be given only when dealer’s open card comes out to be an Ace. The players can buy the insurance at 50% of their bet amount. Although, it is optional and the players can reject to have an insurance too. But if the players go for it and the dealer receives a blackjack hand, then the players will win two to one their bet. And, if dealer does not receive a blackjack, the players will lose 50% price they paid but the game will continue as usual.

    So, insurance is to help the players prevent a loss because the chances of dealer getting a blackjack is very high. As live BlackJack game offers statistics of the last 10 games and thus the players can review that in order to view chances of the winning from insurance.

    Live Dealer- This feature is the main attraction of this game. Here, the players can have a chat with dealer and then dealer will respond in his or her voice. The dealer responses are simple and the players can expect answers about all their queries relating to the game. And, to a certain extent, the players can also talk on a personal front like knowing the names, from where they are and same basic information.

    Final Thoughts

    Live BlackJack Standard is the best and an exciting game with live video streaming which is of high-quality. Moreover, it uses real cards, so the dealing and shuffling appear to be more realistic and accurate.

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    Game Summary

    Game Name: Live Blackjack

    Posted On: 22/09/2016

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    Live Blackjack