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    Most slot machines these days are heavily loaded down with the slickest eye-candy graphics and animation and fairly resemble top-class video games. Such slots might be all the rage, but there are quite a few players who long for the look and feel of classic slots of the past that evoke an irreplaceable bygone era. One such classic slot is made by NetEnt and goes by the name of the Gold Rush slots.

    It excellently recreates the look and feels of the famed one-armed bandits of old, along with gameplay mechanics that are about as sweet and juicy as biting into a ripe cherry!

    Do read on for more details of this slot.

    Get your rush of adrenaline with the Gold Rush

    The setting of the slot is quite fittingly casinos of the past, before the arrival of semiconductor chips and other newfangled gizmos. In this carpeted and well-appointed casino, the walls are lined with slot machines awaiting the attention of players. Filling most of the screen real estate is a massive slot machine, which the player gets to try his/her luck on.

    The gameplay is easy and there’s virtually no skill required and no wilds, scatters, or bonus games/icons to distract. All that’s needed is to pick from among the featured classic icons, choose the desired bet level from the trio provided and the line to lay wagers on.

    The featured icons here are the Gold Rush logo, sevens, cherries, fives, mining carts and bars. The most lucrative icon is unsurprisingly the game logo. Players must, therefore, aim at landing a trio of these and thereby getting their hands on some hefty wins.

    Thankfully, the Gold Rush slot is also connected to the NetEnt progressive network and its progressive jackpots. Playing the progressive jackpot is totally optional here, and if this option is chosen, a small portion of all bets are added to the progressive jackpot fund.

    As well, the amount currently present in the progressive jackpot can be seen, in addition to the number of players trying to get their hands on the moolah in the progressive network. The value of the last progressive jackpot is also shown.

    Final Thoughts

    The slot is as classic and simple with pleasing graphics and an RTP of 95.4%. Overall, fans of classic slots are bound to find it irresistible and with the addition of the progressive jackpot, players just might get unexpected amount of entertainment with Gold Rush!

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    Game Summary

    Game Name: Gold Rush

    Posted On: 23/08/2018

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    Gold Rush