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  • Fast Buck Lucky

    There are hundreds of online gambling sites offering a various different category of games. There different types of players, each with their own preference about a game. Some like it to be very interactive and challenging while some like it to be simple. If you are a player who belongs to the latter category, Fast Buck Lucky is the game for you. This game does not require you to learn any moves or have prior experience. Just log in to your game account and start betting for a way to make some handsome profits. This game is based purely on luck and has a very simple interface that anyone can understand. There are three games that you can play at once with your betting. And the wagering limits are just between £0.20 and £5 per turn.

    About the developer of Fast Buck Lucky

    This simply clicks and win the game was created by none other than IWG. One of the world’s largest online lottery games creators with over 250 unique games already popular. They make winning so easy that even a fifth-grade kid can play and win, but the games are only meant for people over the age of 18.

    About the game

    Fast Buck Lucky is a pick and wins style game where you need to click on certain symbols to reveal the prize. There are three main levels in this game and each level has different symbols and rewards attached to each line. You need to click on all the symbols on the three boards to reveal the prize. You can randomly click them anywhere. If you find it time-consuming, don’t worry as there is a ‘Reveal All’ button that discloses all the symbols at once. So the winning depends on the symbol match that occurs on the board.

    • First Game: Here there are four golden horse shoes and next to each of it is a prize. Once you click on it, it reveals both the symbol and a value attached to it. You can win only if a rainbow symbol is revealed. So whatever prize money the rainbow has will be yours to take.
    • Second Game: The second game of Fast Buck Lucky has eight pots of gold coins. Each one has a certain prize money behind it. Once all spots are revealed, you get to win if three prizes match with the same value. For example, if there are three £125 prizes on the board, you win £125.
    • Third Game: This game requires you to match two symbols of the same kind in a row. If you get such a matching combo, you win the prize money attached to it.


    With simply pick and win format, Fast Buck Lucky allows you to win up to a whopping £100,000. The smaller value prizes are easy to win, so more you play the better.

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    Game Summary

    Game Name: Fast Buck Lucky

    Posted On: 05/07/2017

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    Fast Buck Lucky