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  • Epic Gems

    ‘Epic Gems’ as the name suggests is not something to which one comes across easily! It’s a game brought to you by ‘Gamevy’, all set to astonish you with its amazing game strategies!!

    All you have to do is just get into this amazing goldmine and earn instant money!!! Hey but wait, here comes the twist, be careful! Those mines may blow up your prize!!

    Was everyone used to envy with you because your guesses in the Multiple Choice Questions in school tests proved to be correct!??

    Well then you’re at the correct slot game!! Epic Gems is all about guessing the jewels and avoiding the explosions in the goldmine.

    Equipped with jackpots, this goldmine is indeed the one to be digged for!!


    Like the gems attract eyes, the same way Epic Gems is a game that comes with a huge attraction, but be beware of its epicness!!

    Players have to keep following things in account:

    • Before placing the bet, keep this thing in mind that if any mines are found, the player’s stack would be lost!!!


    And again, you’ll have to start afresh!

    So be careful before placing the bet amount.

    • The amount range starts from 1.00 which gives a jackpot of 2500.
    • Increase your bet amount, and your jackpot money will also increase.
    • 25000 is the largest amount and losing it means that the player will also lose a huge amount!
    • The game starts with the display of rules along with two arrows.
    • Click the total climbs and you can notice the amount decreasing as you go down.
    • Select your bet amount.
    • The main screen appears and it’s time for your luck to play!!
    • The game sounds harsh and risky, isn’t it?? Don’t Worry! To save you from the harsh experience, this game comes with a way termed as ‘CASHING OUT’.
    • Cashing Out:

    This is a golden chance which is present in the game all the time!!

    Whenever a player feels that he/she is running out of luck and hence they don’t want to lose whatever they have gathered, they may end the game right there by tapping the ‘Pay Out Toggle’ and hence the game will stop and all the money that has been accumulated will be safe right there in one’s account.


    There are total 40 gems:

    4 (four) are fake.

    7 (seven) gems which can double your amount.

    These gems keeps on glowing from time to time and the player has to be careful while dealing with them because tapping on the wrong gem can lead to burning of remaining gems.

    Be careful!!

    • When a safe and right gem is chosen, it goes into the vertex and then added to the player’s account.
    • It can be clicked one at a time or you can swipe across any line as well.
    • There’s a luminous marker which indicates the amount the next gem will add.
    • Beneath it lies the pay out amount with which the player may leave the game.


    Well playing safe is a monotony and this game is really unique in this manner!

    Equipped with its unpredictability, this game holds onto the immense interest of its players.

    Afterall, Unpredictability is Unique!

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    Game Summary

    Game Name: Epic Gems

    Posted On: 22/03/2016

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    Epic Gems