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  • Diamond Blue

    One of the most interesting categories of online gambling is the instant win games. The games in this category do not require any skills but based purely on luck. They are easy to play and even a person with no knowledge of gambling can play and win here. Diamond blue is the simplest of all in this category where your fortune is decided with few mouse clicks. Here, the theme is based on precious gemstone hidden in some boxes on the game board. The bright blue LED board is set on a stage that looks bright under the focus lights. There is a nice techno music playing in the background to make the game more fun. The betting starts with £1 and you can raise it up till £50 per turn.

    About the developer of Diamond Blue

    This precious gemstone studded instant win game was developed by IWG. A name you can completely trust when it comes to online gambling. Their games are unique and offer some exciting features that help players make fortune with the help of their luck.

    About the game

    Diamond blue is a game with fifty boxes on a board with ten columns and five rows. Once you pick your bet amount and start the game, you will need to start picking the boxes. You will be given four lives initially but that resets once you find a gemstone. So you get another four lives within which you need find the second stone. With every blank box, you will lose a life and your winning amount decreases gradually too. So you have an option of cashing out the first win or anytime between the game.

    • Jackpot: In every round, you can reveal a maximum of nine diamonds. If you are lucky enough to reveal them all, you can win the game’s highest jackpot of £490,000 with £50 as bet amount. That is 9800 times your total bet.
    • Never Get Unlucky: Once you make your first win, you have the option of cashing that out. But if you continue the game and do not find the second or third or even the last Diamond blue within four lives, you will lose all your winnings. This is where you need to play carefully. So it is better to cash out once you have made a profit over the amount you have wagered.


    Diamond blue is a game with an easy pick and win format where you can make huge profits with few lucky picks. Larger the number of games you play the better in order to win massive rewards.

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    Game Summary

    Game Name: Diamond Blue

    Posted On: 08/07/2017

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    Diamond Blue