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  • Crossword Cash

    If you love crossword puzzles that help you improve your focus and improve your vocabulary skills, then Crossword Cash is the game you want to play. Along with being able to make some fun words, you will be able to win some cash prizes too. This instant winning game comes with a huge crossword board at the centre. On the right hand’s side, you will find various prizes mentioned per number of words. The minimum you must make is three words while the maximum is ten words. The betting here starts with £0.50 and you can go up to £5. You can win a whopping £150,000 if you make ten words with £5 betting. That is 30000 times on your total bet.

    About the developer of Crossword Cash

    This amazing word game style cash game was developed by IWG. One of the most renowned developers for online lotteries and instant winning feature games. They are also popular for other categories of gambling games such as bingo and slots too.

    About the game

    Crossword Cash looks pretty much like your standard puzzle game but with a twist. Here you will be provided with a picking board where you need to randomly pick some letters to make words. There are several letters on the main board that gets activated when you make your choices. You must aim at making both vowels and consonants in order to make more words. However, that is something which you luck decides. The more the number of words is possible with your choice of 18 letters, better are your chance of winning big.

    • The pick board in Crossword Cash has 18 hidden positions. As you click each of them, a new letter is revealed. All the revealed letters get highlighted on the main crossword board.
    • You can either choose the eight letters manually by yourself or click the auto button that randomly picks the eighteen letters.
    • A minimum of three words is required in order to win a prize money. With three words, you can win five times on your total bet. This amount increases with more number of words.
    • You can adjust the betting amount before the start of each game. To win the maximum, it is better to bet the maximum amount.


    Crossword Cash is one of its kind puzzle game where every word counts to get you a prize money. This game requires your luck but you can enhance it with more number of plays.

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    Game Summary

    Game Name: Crossword Cash

    Posted On: 05/07/2017

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    Crossword Cash