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  • Classic Roulette Live

    Classic Roulette Live is one of the oldest casino game. This game stands out of other casino games as a live human dealer provides you real roulette spin table which gives a realistic experience. This game works effortlessly on smartphones and tablets. A chat feature is provided in the online version of the game, using which you can interact with the dealers.

    Extreme live gaming has developed this amazing game. They have used modern gaming technologies and advanced mathematical formulae while developing Classic Roulette Live.

    A brief look at the essentials of Classic Roulette Live

    Similar to traditional Roulette, you have a small ball which the dealer spins on a round wheel. The objective of Classic Roulette Live is to predict the number at which the ball will stop. You can bet on any number between 0 to 36. You win when the ball lands on the number on which you have placed the bet. You can win 35 times of the bet amount at maximum.

    Outside betting-  Your payout will be 1 to 1 if you have bet on even or odd and the ball stops on the chosen option. Even for outside bets, like guessing the background colour- black or red, of the number, the payout is 1 to 1. In outside betting, the payout is less but the chances of winning are 50% more.

    Payouts-  In Classic Roulette, you can place even chance bet that is, high or low, red or black, odd or even. You can also place straight up, line, dozen, corner, column, split, and street bet. The payouts for bet lines are 11 to 1 for street bet, 17 to 1 for split bet, 8 to 1 on corner, and 2 to 1 for dozen and column bet.

    Play this game for real money

    Classic Roulette Live is one of the best casino game for online users. Due to its user-friendly layout and cool graphics, it stands out. This game is more realistic and normally has a low house-edge. You can chat with other players and dealers at any time while you play it on smart devices from your home. It comes up with variety of betting options which make betting fun. If you play this game for a long time, you can make a huge profit. In outside bets the winning probability is very high.

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    Game Summary

    Game Name: Classic Roulette Live

    Posted On: 25/05/2016

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    Classic Roulette Live