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    The big gun in the arena of web-based casino gaming, NetEnt, recently launched BLACKJACK CLASSIC. Blackjack is rightly said to be the king of the casino games. The excitement and fun element attached to the game is unmatched. The availability of the most sought after game online is, definitely, a boon to the gamblers.


    The game has five box feature that is appreciable.  The game is available in three levels- low, middle and high level. BLACKJACK CLASSIC is a three hand game and is played using six decks of card. This table game has the payout percentage of 99.6. Varieties of tables and  plethora of table limits are offered to make the gaming experience richer. Shuffling of card is done before every round. The table limit ranges from 1.00 to 40.00, making it suitable for players for every type. The five hand feature is an amazing feature to amass more wealth.  NetEnt, being the unmatched leader in the web-based casino gaming, has tailored a user-friendly game.


    The game of BLACKJACK CLASSIC begins with the dealer dealing the cards. The cards from 2-10 bear the face value. Ace can either be 1 or 11. The face cards carry 10 points each. The hand with points nearest to 21, wins. The players with points more than 21, lose. A player having an ace and a card with 10 points, achieves Blackjack. If the dealer has points less than 17, the third card is drawn.

    If the player gets cards with same points, he/she can split it into two different hands. The starting bet is doubled on splitting. The game also has the feature of doubling the stake, after seeing the first two dealt cards. If the dealer’s card with face up is an ace, the player can opt for insurance. Insurance costs 50% of the starting bet. Then there are other types of bets on which the players can stake, at each subsequent win, prize money is on their way.

    The gaming interface allows the player to change the settings as per the requirement. The player can adjust the speed, sound effects and check the gaming history of the game.


    BLACKJACK CLASSIC is the best online casino game available. The interface is slick and the experience is definitely exciting. The game is recommendable for the players of all types. It is bound to keep the players hooked.

    Blackjack Classic
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    Game Summary

    Game Name: Blackjack Classic

    Posted On: 18/05/2016

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    Blackjack Classic