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  • Cash Buster Towers

    When it comes to gambling online, there are plenty of game categories you can choose from. Some take several moves in order to win while others pay you instantly within just a few moves. Cash Buster Towers is one such game, where you can win instant rewards. This game has multiple levels of prizes to win with every spin. There are six winning positions, each stacked with a certain number of coloured bars. Every turn gives you five spins and you can win extra wins too. The graphics are colourful and looks very hi-fi. The betting starts with £0.50 and maximum you can wager is £20 per turn.

    About the developer of Cash Buster Towers

    This amazing tower style instant win game was developed by IWG, a popular brand for lottery style online games. They come with a vast experience and over 250 games for different categories of instant winning games. Their games offer exciting features and high-quality gaming experience for online users.

    About the game

    This Cash Buster Towers game has six towers for different coloured stacks of bars. Once you place your bets, you get five spins to play. Each time you hit the spin button, a row of boxes each below a tower gets some numbers. In these boxes, either a number or symbol will appear. If it is a number, then it is the count of bars that will disappear from its corresponding tower. If it is a symbol such as a dot, star or an up arrow symbol, it will fill in the corresponding side game positions. Once all the bars are cleared, you will get a reward that shows on the top of the tower.

    • The Payout: The highest paying tower is yellow, where you can win 50,000 times on your total bet, that is £1000000 with £20 as your bet. The second highest is an orange tower with 1000x on your bet, red tower with 100x, purple with 10x, blue with 2x and green with 0.5x on your betting amount.
    • Side Games: There are three side games in Cash Buster Towers. Each game is triggered when respective symbol is collected five times. When five-star symbols are collected, you can play start the bonus game. Similarly, five arrows will trigger arrow bonus and between three and five dots you can get an instant win of 2x, 20x and 100x respectively.


    With plenty of bonus features and side games, Cash Buster Towers is perfect instant win game for you must not miss.

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    Game Summary

    Game Name: Cash Buster Towers

    Posted On: 05/07/2017

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    Cash Buster Towers