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  • Caribbean Stud Poker

    Caribbean Stud Poker is an online poker brought to you from the stables of NetEnt. This game does not involve any form of bluffing and just the playing cards held by a player comes to play. There are no community cards or draw involved in this one and it comes with a progressive jackpot as well. Check out this review to learn more about this video poker game.

    Playing Caribbean Stud Poker

    To get a seat at the playing table, players need to select their chips size. Once a player selects his chip size he can participate in a round by placing his chips on the Ante spot. A total of five playing cards each are dealt with both the player and dealer. In Caribbean Stud Poker the player’s cards are dealt facing upwards. On the other hand, the dealer’s cards except for one are dealt facing downward. You can click on the “Call” icon to stand on a hand. Your bets will be doubled, and you win with a stronger hand. The dealer will lose if he doesn’t have an Ace or King in his hand.

    A Progressive Jackpot Available

    Players can participate in the progressive jackpot by placing a bet of £1.00 on the “Jackpot Circle”. In Caribbean Stud Poker a player will get a 2:1 payout on an Ante bet while the remaining bet is returned. A dealer emerges victorious with an Ace or King. He may also win with a stronger hand when compared to a player’s hand. With a tie, the stake goes back to the player. Where a player comes out a winner in a round the “Cal” money will be returned and as stated earlier he earns a 2 to 1 payout on the Ante.

    The some of the payouts under the progressive jackpot option includes the following;

    • Royal Flush gives a Jackpot win.
    • A Straight Flush gives a payout of 2,500 to 1.
    • A Four of A Kind has a payout of 250 to 1.

    Payouts On Bets in Caribbean Stud Poker

    The following payouts are available on the various betting options on offer.

    • For Royal Flush you have a 200 to 1 payout.
    • A Straight Flush gives a payout of 50 to 1.
    • For a Four of A Kind you have a payout of 20:1.
    • A Full House will earn a payout of 7 to 1.
    • With a Flush you get a payout of 5 to 1.
    • A Straight has a payout of 4 to 1.
    • Three Of A Kind has a 3 to 1 payout.
    • Two Pairs comes with a 2 to 1 payout.
    • A Pair has a 1 to 1 payout.
    • For an Ace and King, the payout is 1 to 1.

    To Sum Up

    With Caribbean Stud Poker casino game players can expect very decent graphics with a fun gameplay. The progressive jackpot is a bonus and boosts payouts. This video poker also comes with a return to player (RTP) to the tune of 97.42%.

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    Game Summary

    Game Name: Caribbean Stud Poker

    Posted On: 24/01/2018

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    Caribbean Stud Poker