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  • Boss the Lotto

    If you like unpredictability and wish to win buckets of cash then this game will soon acquire a place in your top list. Gamevy has created Boss the Lotto in order to allow his players to win some hefty amounts without taking much stress. The matrix over the screen will give you rows full of lottery balls which are both good and bad. Your mission will be to simply choose the good balls.

    Win as much as you wish with Boss the Lotto

    At first, Boss the Lotto will give you 49 balls, and six of them will be the spanners which will eventually terminate your game making you lose your bet. The balls are given a realistic look which feels like you are actually standing in front of some lottery machine. Their tones are blue in colour which then changes to purple leading to pinky red. You can see them gleaming under the light which makes the gameplay a lot more interesting.

    Clicking on any good ball will replace it with a currency whereas if you are unlucky to get a bad one, it will be replaced by a black ball. Clicking on one black ball will reveal all of them and your game will come to an end.  

    In Boss the Lotto, you will be asked to choose your bet from 1.00 to 10.00, the highest bet, however, will make you win the 5,000,000 payout. You can easily set your bet amount suiting your budget by the signs over the screen. Choosing anything below it will lower your jackpot. After selecting the bet just click on the ‘Start’ button and your balls will line up neatly in a row. The win rate of the game is of 1 in 2.3, which is not a bad one. You are allowed to leave the game at any point you want and you will be awarded the amount you have won. But don’t get too excited for it, as you will be allowed to do it only if you will end with at least six good balls. The bar on the top screen changes colours in order to tell you how close you are to your lovely jackpot.

    Play with the best!

    While being an amazing title, Boss the lotto also allows you to take huge amounts home. Lottery balls make the gameplay a lot easier and unique. It seems that the game also depends much on your luck, hence you may end up trying it every day in order to find out your best day.

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    Game Summary

    Game Name: Boss the Lotto

    Posted On: 25/03/2016

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    Boss the Lotto