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    Blackjack is an enormously popular, fun and simple game that’s played by countless millions all over the globe. With a simple premise and the ample provision of endless hours of excellent entertainment, the game is easily among the most enjoyed in the world and a sure fan favourite whose allure and glamour shows absolutely no sign of waning. So popular is it that gaming companies have seen fit to release different versions of the game. But all still pay a semblance of homage to the original game and its easy-to-understand rules. So, what is Blackjack all about? That’s an easily answered question. But let’s try.

    Blackjack Means Business

    There’s not much difference between the traditional game and the online casino one. The objective still remains to get a hand of 21, or as close to that value as possible. The number 21 is indeed at the core of the game, and achieving it is equivalent to making heaven! Go beyond the number and you’re bust. Reach the number or get nearer to it than the croupier or other participant and you’ve won.

    Widely believed to have originated in Spain, the game was initially called “21”. While the present name according to most sources came about when the earliest casinos offered patrons a 10-1 payout on a hand with an ace of spades and a black Jack. Thus was the iconic name born and the world has never been better for it.

    Player options include the possibility to Hit, Stand, Split, Double down and the rest. While the game can be challenging for novices at first, in no time most become seasoned experts who give as good as they get. Additionally, once people get exposed to the game and internalise it, everything about it becomes pretty much intuitive.

    To begin the play, the cards are dealt face-up to each player. But the croupier gets a hidden last card. Each participant then tries to improve their card values at the expense of the others. Bets can then be lost, won or be a standoff depending on the play outcome. Once this is done, the next round is begun.

    Final Thoughts

    Blackjack is an ancient, noble, prestigious and yet simple game that makes believers of all who come in contact with it. Present in a bewildering array of varieties, with most sporting excellent RTP, it’s a very solid game that comes easy to recommend for players of all ages.

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    Game Summary

    Game Name: Blackjack

    Posted On: 27/07/2017

    Author: Alex Hamilton