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  • Blackjack Suit Em Up

    Blackjack variants have their name for coming up with slightly different gameplays. This is usually done either by altering the number of decks or the rules, or by providing with certain side bets to fire up the game. Blackjack Suit em Up is an example of the latter one. This game has been launched by NYX Gaming and will let you have loads of money just by matching the suits of your starting cards.  

    Reveal the same suits with  Blackjack Suit ‘em Up

    The main game of  Blackjack Suit em Up has the standard playing rules with six full decks of playing cards. It allows you to play three hands at once, each having its own bet. The dealer will distribute two cards to each one of you, and all you have to do is beat make a bet which will beat the dealer. You can score up to 21 only. Blackjack and an ace will be the best possible hand of the game. It will pay you 3-2 odds.  

    If the dealer will have a blackjack, then the hand will end immediately and all your hands will lose. For the rest of the cases, you will be asked to make more hands until your total reaches to 22 or more. If this happens, your hand will bust. The hand can also be terminated if you will choose to stand. However, if the dealer will bust, then the remaining bets will pay you more. The playing limit for the dealer is 17 and after this, his hand will stand.

    If you will come up with an ace, then you will be offered with insurance. This option will cost you half the amount of your initial bet and will pay you 2-1 if the dealer will show up with blackjack.  

    In Blackjack Suit em Up you will also have a chance to play the optional side bet at the starting of every bet. This side bet is quite simpler and you will make money if your first two cards will be of the same suit. Not all suiting pairs will payout the same amount. They differ depending upon the kinds of cards you will have. Two Suited Cards pays 2-1, Suited Eleven gives 3-1, Suited Pair will give you 5-1, Suited blackjack let you have 10-1 and the Suited Aces pays out 50-1 which is the highest in the game.

    Make most of it!

    Blackjack Suit em Up offers a very friendly rule set. Though you need to play with some perfect strategy in the basic game, the side bet is quite straight. Only your luck will decide the amount you will take home.

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    Game Summary

    Game Name: Blackjack Suit Em Up

    Posted On: 23/03/2017

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    Blackjack Suit Em Up