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    Blackjack is one of the most popular table games often played by professional gamblers. Most players prefer real casinos because of the professional atmosphere there. This is where you must choose Blackjack Professional which comes with three hands to win from. With a high-quality graphics and amazing jazz music, you are sure to feel like playing in a real casino. There are four decks of cards, each with fifty-two cards to play. To place your bets you can choose from three different chips; £10, £5 and £1. The limit of betting is set between £1 and £40 per hand per game. This is the best range for both high and low rolling players.

    About the developer of Blackjack Professional

    This amazing blackjack game with multiple hands and side bet option was developed by NetEnt. They are one of the top five ranking developers in the world with over a hundred popular games created so far. Their games support various smartphones and tablet devices too.

    About the game

    In this game, there are totally three individual hands where you can place your bets. For all three hands, you can play the side bet game as well. The rules of Blackjack Professional are pretty basic and you win when you beat the dealer’s hand. The dealer must stand on 17s but you can draw cards even after this stage. You can win if you score point value closer to twenty one before the dealer. If you exceed this, you will lose the hand. If dealer loses the hand by exceeding 21, you will win all your hands that you are playing.

    • Insurance Feature: This is the option that gets enabled each time the dealer’s face-up card is an ace. You can buy insurance at the cost of 50% on your bet and win two to one if the dealer gets blackjack. You can buy this on one or all three hands.
    • Double Down: If the value of initial two cards equals eight or more, you can double your bet amount. However, you will receive just one final card based on which you can win or lose the hand. You can double the bets on one or all three hands.
    • Side Bet: Double jack is the name of the side bet game of Blackjack Professional. You can win if you get the first card as jack, a pair of jack or twin jack of spades. The payout will be 10:1, 25:1 and 100:1 respectively.


    With plenty of options to win from and three main hands, Blackjack Professional has become the most popular variant.

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    Game Summary

    Game Name: Blackjack Professional

    Posted On: 22/08/2017

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    Blackjack Professional