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  • Blackjack Professional High

    Blackjack Professional High is a variant of the classic game with higher betting limits to help you win big. This game is powered by three individual hands where you can place your bets. The graphics of the game is high definition and the table is professionally designed. With four decks of 52 cards each, you can easily expect higher win probability. There is a nice music in the background to help you concentrate and relax to it tune when stressed. The wagering limits here starts with £1 and the maximum you can go up to is £500 each hand. So a total of £1500 can be played from three hands.

    About the developer of Blackjack Professional High

    This professionally set up game with three hands and high rolling options was created by NetEnt. A popular brand name in the casino industry who have created hundreds of casino games for online users. With the ability to play on various mobile devices, they ensure high-quality gaming experience to everyone.

    About the game

    To win in Blackjack Professional High, you need to defeat the dealer with more points than him. What you must be careful about is exceeding 21 points. If you do so, you will lose the hand and the bets associated with it. Likewise, if the dealer crosses 21, you will win. In the latter case, you will not just win one hand but all the hands. You can draw the cards without any restriction but the dealer has a limit of up to 17, after which he cannot draw cards. There are additional options such as insurance, double down and split hands. These help you to enhance your ability to win bigger rewards.

    • Double Down: This is the option that you can use on all your hands prior to drawing a card from the deck. If you choose this, you can only draw one more card that will decide your fate. So it is recommended to use it if the value of your first pair of cards is 9, 10 or eleven. If you use this feature if the total is more than 11, you are more likely to get a BUST.
    • Insurance: You can buy this in Blackjack Professional High if the dealer’s face up card is an ace. You can then get a pay of two to one should the dealer get a BJ hand. The fee for this is 50% of your total wagered amount on that hand.


    Blackjack Professional High is a game for high rollers but anyone with intent to win big can play this too. The multi hand helps you win more per hour than a single hand variant.


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    Game Summary

    Game Name: Blackjack Professional High

    Posted On: 22/08/2017

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    Blackjack Professional High